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Tracking: 58 Status: Closed
State: NJ Name: John
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: ACURA

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I recently was hired by a garage to perform a Theft System relearn on a 2000 Acura 3.2TL. The shop diagnosed a trans problem caused by a bad ECM. The shop purchased a used computer and installed it in the vehicle and the car would not start because the Security system would not accept the new ECM onboard. Having the factory tool (Teradyne Pocket Tester), which I recently purchased for $2500, I navigated to the Immobilizer menu when I was then directed to enter a security pin #. I called a local dealer and was told that they WILL NOT provide the pin # because Acura/Honda corp DOES NOT allow this information outside the dealership. I then called Teradyne Corp to complain and they told me they were not responsible for giving out pin #'s. Teradyne also told me that my Pocket Tester should not have been loaded with the Immobilizer software and that all the units they sell no longer have it. They also told me that there was a good chance that the next time I update my Teradyne unit I may lose my Immobilizer menu. This is a real slap in the face for the outside technician who decides to spend big money to purchase dealer equipment to perform dealer level service. Is this not a Microsoft style monopoly being played by certain manufactures. ALL technicians around the world need to have the right to repair! I will take this one step further by saying that I just recently lost a Security key reprogram on a 1999 Nissan Maxima because I did not have the factory tool. Even if I did Nissan would not provide the security card to an outside tech. A mobile locksmith got the job by using a $6000+ Universal Immobilizer scan tool to provide the service. He has access to pin #'s for different manufactures through a locksmith national organization by just making a one phone call. How is it that the locksmith industry is more powerful than the auto industry to lobby with the manufactures to get what they need to perform a task while us outside technicians are out in the cold? Why can't a system be in place where a shop can provide a dealer with the shop's federal I.D. # along with an I.D. # of the factory tool they are using to prove they are a working technician and not an outside thief looking to steal a customer's car. Maybe we can then service these cars without having to be at the MERCY of the dealers. John Anello Auto Tech On Wheels
Other Comments or Concerns
Steven Douglas - 11/29/2005 11:23:54 AM
John, Maintaining vehicle security is critical to Honda, and the latest generation immobi system has proven successful in deterring theft. But, like any key, security can only be successful if access is controlled. Honda’s policy has always been to control access to immobi codes by making them available only to our dealers. However, we recognize this is not the ideal solution for our customers – and we’ve been working closely with the NASTF Vehicle Security committee to provide immobilizer access to independent repair facilities in a manner that does not compromise security. While it's true that early versions of the Pocket Tester did list immobi, we never provided the key codes necessary to support this function. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused you. Please keep in mind that immobilizer access is not necessary to replicate keys for most of our immobilizer-equipped vehicles (those employing fixed codes). For these vehicles, conventional duplication equipment is available to facilitate key copying from Honda or the aftermarket. However, you will not be able to replicate keys for vehicles using rolling code security systems. Also, please remember that PCM re-programming is a separate issue. That function is available today, using Honda software (replacing the Teradyne software) on your Teradyne device, or using a J2534 compliant tool and software available from Honda. PCM wake-up following replacement is also available via our tool rental program. Please see the Service Express website for additional details. I hope this clarifies our position. Acura Parts & Service Communications