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Tracking: 564 Status: Closed
State: NJ Name: John
Category of Request: OEM Special Tools Availability Manufacturer: MITSUBISHI

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Unable to Receive Scan Tool Software Updates
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Unable to Receive Scan Tool Software Updates
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
On 08/20/2013 I went on Mitsubishi's website to purchase the MUT3 Software Subscription. I was directed to a link to call Bosch Service Solutions at 888-727-6672 to order part #MIT46973-AM-SUB.. This Part Number on Mitsubishi's website is not a working part # and has since been updated to MIT540031-AM-SUB. They need to update their link page. I purchased the subscription for $1284 (Order #950695) and after 5 weeks I received nothing. I called Bosch Solutions on 10/03/2013 and spoke with John and found out that no one knew anything about this product. They thought it would be a web link download. John, finally after a week, was able to locate the DVD product and sent it out to me. I loaded the DVD on a specific laptop Mitsubishi recommended (Panasonic CF-31JEGAX1M)and all was well. Now here we are at 02/03/2014 and I have not received any DVD updates for the program. I called Aaron at Mut3 Sales today 02/03/2014 at 3:21 PM and he directed me to Kyle at Bosch Solutions. Kyle was unfamiliar with the MUT3 product and directed me to the MEDIC Hotline at 800-846-7575. I spoke with a woman named Lear and she said they ONLY help Mitsubishi dealerships on MEDIC support and that she was unfamiliar with the MUT3 product. So here I am after spending $1284 for a product with an old listing on Mitsubishi's website. It is sold by Bosch Solutions who have very little knowledge of the product and have no idea where to direct me to resolve my problems. I am actually VERY disappointed in the whole organization of how Mitsubishi is selling such a simple software product.I have been to many other manufacture websites where you make a payment / download the product and your done !! Something needs to be done here..... PLEASE help on this issue. John Anello Auto Tech On Wheels
Other Comments or Concerns
Skip Potter - 2/6/2014
Currently MUT can be purchased as a kit (MIT540031-AM). As indicated on the flyer, this kit includes all necessary hardware, the current MUT software and a one year subscription for future MUT updates. Additional annual subscriptions (MIT46973-AM-SUB currently superseded to MIT540031-AM-SUB) are intended only for those who have the specific set of hardware indicated on the flyer. In addition, the BOSCH call center has been reminded that both MIT46973-AM-SUB and its supersession MIT540031-AM-SUB are valid part numbers. A revision to the flyer will be made in the coming month to update the subscription part number to MIT540031-AM-SUB to further avoid any confusion.