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Tracking: 559 Status: Closed
State: NJ Name: John
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: KIA

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Unable to access Sir Bag Module Coding
Description of Information not available
Unable to access Sir Bag Module Coding
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
I own the GDS scan tool and am paying the yearly subscription for the GDS software directly from GIT America who handles selling the Kia scan tool and the yearly software subscriptions. I can tell you that Henry at GIT America has been more than helpful with tool support and software issues since day 1. When programming a new Air Bag Module you have to have access to Coding information to configure a new Air Bag Module. It is easy enough to read the coding out of the old module so this is normally not a problem. There was a time when the scan tool itself could go out to the Kia server and provide this coding information on the scan tool screen but this access feature has been recently removed. The problem at hand now is that Kia is releasing newer Air Bag Module hardware that will not accept the current Vehicle VIN specific coding information so I have called Henry at GIT America in the past and he was very helpful in giving me the proper newer coding for the newer updated Air Bag Modules. A few weeks ago Henry informed me that he is no longer able to give out coding information as per Kia's new rules. He stated that Kia was in the works to setting something up on their website. So far I have not seen any Link available to address this issue. There is NO Contact phone number given on the Kia website other than #800-333-4542 which is basically a Car Consumer number if you have car trouble or need a tow. I need to know what plans Kia has to allow me access to getting the Air Bag Coding information I need to configure new Air Bag Modules. I can NO LONGER perform AIR Bag Module Configurations on Air Bag Modules where the old module may not communicate to give me the coding info I need or if a newer Air Bag Module hardware is installed. PLEASE HELP John Anello Auto Tech On Wheels
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This is also a PARALLEL problem with Hyundai as well but I did not want to fill out 2 forms so in reality both Hyundai and Kia are in the same boat on this issue. The same GDS tool is used on both products. They just use different GDS software
Skip Potter - 1/17/2014
Kia identified this SIR as an opportunity for improvement so all users may find configuration codes in one area with a vin based selection. In the near future, Kia are going to move forward and develop a site page that will improve accessibility of configuration codes. As this is the beginning of the New Year, IT projects are being planned & scheduled and this feature will be towards the top of the list. In the mean time, techs should continue to contact GIT America to obtain the codes. Further, Kia reports that the 800 number on is Kia’s Consumer Assistance support line and they are capable of addressing questions and concerns.