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Tracking: 547 Status: Closed
State: CA Name: Rafael
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 06 MERCEDES BENZ E350

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Reprogram/Program Transmission Control Module (TCM) on Mercedes Benz Automobiles with Automatic Transmissions 722.9
Description of Information not available
Fails/Aborts Programming attempts... Fault Window states "It was not possible to Find Path 'SDFLASH'"
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Several Phone Conversations and emails with Mr. Mirek Koziel (MBUSA Rep.) and SDS/Xentry Help Desk (MBUSA)... I am going to start back on October-November of 2012… A 2006 Mercedes Benz S500 (VIN:WDBNG75J35A439785) comes to the Shop on November 6 2012 with Transmission Limp Home Mode… after inspection we found on e of the Speed Sensors inside Transmission is faulty. Order a Transmission Control Unit. Installed it, and for almost 2 weeks (12 days) trying to Program Unit, we ended up borrowing an Autologic Diagnostic Unit w/ Mercedes Software to be able to finish and deliver the car to the Customer… on November 19 2012. The Mercedes J2534 would not work… we could not get the Xentry/DAS to communicate with the Transmission Control Unit (only Engine Control Module would communicate). After hours on the phone and several emails with Mr. Mirek Koziel from MBUSA… trying several Cars to see if problem was within this particular Car or Mercedes Software for J2534. All three vehicles that were hooked up, J2534 could not communicate with Transmission Control Unit (722.9). I was advised by Mr. Koziel (from MBUSA) to call the Xentry Help Line. I called the number, I explain my situation, and the Tech on the phone stated He was not familiar with J2534 Protocol… so he could not help me. Call Mr. Koziel right back and explain the situation, He stated he would send me the new Xentry J2534 CD/DVD with the new Software Release to try it and see if it would work. Three business days later the new CD/DVD arrived, installed it… with same results. Eventually this issue was resolved 2 or 3 releases later. I believe from memory, that on April 18th 2013 was the last time I was able to use the Xentry J2534 Software to Program a Transmission… (2006 R350 VIN: 4JGCB65E06A034369) From there on I have been unsuccessful trying to use J2534 for Transmission Control Unit Programming… several Transmissions 722.9 needing Programming had to turn the work away. And lately, I have been using other different sources to be able to Program these control units. Issues were various… mostly Software crushing during SCN Coding process, and at least for the last three to four month failing to Program the 722.9 Transmission Control Units stating “It was not possible to Find Path ‘SDFLASH’” . I last spoke with Mr. Mirek Koziel on Wednesday October 16 2013 at 11:12am pst, while trying to Program a Transmission Control Unit on a 2006 Mercedes Benz E350 (with a 722.9 Automatic Transmission, VIN: WDBUF56J86A950945) coming up with error “It was not possible to Find Path ‘SDFLASH’”, he stated they are working on it… and would let me know as soon as they have an answer. On the mean time we are unable to use J2534 on Mercedes to program 722.9 Control Units, and who knows what else!!! Very frustrating, and lots of time and money wasted to say the least. Mirek Koziel (Mercedes Benz USA) Phone # 201-573-4306 / email address: Xentry Dealer Help Desk/Line (Mercedes Benz USA) Phone # 201-505-4630 / email address: within Xentry - Xentry Support and Feedback (XSF) With diagnosis or vehicle determination problems, this is how you can request support at the Star Diagnosis User Help Desk or,
Other Comments or Concerns
Skip Potter - 12/18/2013
OEM contacted client with a solution that is being tested. Awaiting confirmation of a fix. Will reopen SIR if necessary.
Skip Potter - 1/16/2014
Client reports that the software still did not operate correctly and that MB suggests waiting for the next release to see if that works. MB was contacted again by NASTF for immediate action on this issue.
Skip Potter - 4/22/2014
As of software release 03/2014 the SD FLASH files now install properly. It is important that 01/2014 not be uninstalled prior to installation of 03/2014.