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Tracking: 524 Status: Closed - Requester Not Satisfied
State: IL Name: Robert
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 2009 NISSAN MURANO

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Program ABS module
Description of Information not available
Programming files
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
At 10:20am on May 22, 2013 I purchased the programming file from the Nissan website to perform TSB NTB10-113. Order number 201305221519289955562A772B According to the Nissan website "When you purchase a C-III plus reprogramming file, you will get a zip file containing a data file (*.dat,*.kwp, etc.), a csv file and a Reprog_readme.txt. Please review the readme file for information on where to place the files in your PC." When I downloaded the file, I only received the DAT file. Using the customer support email, I received the following reply at 12:36 pm. "The website only provides ECU and TCM reprogramming files. ABS module files are not offered." Looking at the Website it reads "CONSULT III plus supports all ECM reprogramming on 1999 model year and later, and some TCM and ABS/VDC reprogramming on Nissan vehicles." It seems their support staff does not know what they cover. After making them aware of what the cover at 12:46 pm. We received the following response. “I am sorry for the confusion. I have contacted IT support and they are researching the files. I will respond back to you as soon as I have additional information.” At 2:14pm At 3:17pm I received a corrected file. I won’t know if this works until I go back to the shop and try to perform the programming.
Other Comments or Concerns
If you review SIR 510, you'll see that we experienced the same kind of trouble. This cost us a customer. In reply to the SIR, I got the following reply. “First let me thank you for using the NASTF SIR system. Nissan is a supporter of the NASTF and is committed in its’ efforts to identify and resolve gaps in service information to professionals like yourself. I also want to thank you for supporting Nissan vehicles in the marketplace. We at Nissan believe that independent service professionals are one of the keys to the future sale of Nissan vehicles. The SIR you submitted (attached #510) indicates you had difficulty performing a diagnostic operation on a 2010 model year Nissan Maxima and we not able to obtain technical support. But from the SIR, we are unable to determine if you are having difficulty operating the CONSULT software or difficulty diagnosing the vehicle or reprogramming an ECU. Our website administrator indicates the account you used is registered to a Kevin DeVito and Kevin contacted us through our website last December for support installing the CONSULT software. Our records also indicate five reprogram files have been purchased by Mobile Auto Solutions since early January, with the most recent on March 5. But no one contacted us using the “support” request on our website, regarding the incident you describe in your SIR. The “support” request is available on our website and if the incident is related to a product purchased on the site, support is provided. The “data definition error” usually indicates a problem with the reprogram files in the reproprogram folder on the CONSULT PC. If you want to send me the screen captures you indicate you have, I’ll try to identify the cause.” I responded with “Kevin is the owner of the company. I work for Kevin and have the Consult III+ and perform the programming with it. I've had two issues, the first was due to the vehicle was an 05 and not really covered by the Consult III+. The second was this 2010. I've attached the screen captures for your review.” As far as the "support". Being a mobile business catering to the collision industry, having to email a problem does not really work. For us to have to email and wait for a reply is difficult for our clientele to comprehend This means that I have to leave, wait for a reply and then hope that I can perform the "fix" when I return. Considering the Dealerships have a support Phone they can call, I don't find it unreasonable for a customer such as us to have one.” This got me a response of “As for OEM telephone technical support, there just isn’t a solid business case. At this time, the most cost effective telephone technical support seems to be IdentiFix. They have a tremendous database of knowledge and support multiple brands.” How would Identifix correct Nissan's programming files? After receiving the following response. "Here is the correct zip file. For some reason, the zip you received has the wrong *.dat file, so the software couldn’t find what it needed." "And please, in the future send the website an email. Difficult ones always end up with me." I sent the following email "As for OEM telephone technical support, there just isn’t a solid business case. At this time, the most cost effective telephone technical support seems to be IdentiFix. They have a tremendous database of knowledge and support multiple brands." Jim, I'm pondering this statement. We are not looking for technical support to repair a vehicle. We are asking for technical support for the 11,000 dollar tool that was purchased. When the tool says to contact technical support, there should be an easy way to do that. Looking at Nissan's website (see attachment), support is grayed out so it is hard to see. This says, "we don't to help you". If I had used the "support" link, what is the response time for the email to be answered? I'm trying to get answers so that I can preven
Skip Potter - 5/23/2013
OEM advises that they provided the client with sufficient files and that the vehicle was successfully repaired at 4:30pm on 5/22/13 through email exchanges. In the process OEM discovered a error in their file packet which was repaired on 5/24/13. The client, in SIR#524 and in their SIR#510 is requesting the same telephone support give a Nissan dealer for their Consult tool. The OEM offers only email support to the aftermarket. This SIR was closed because the vehicle had been repaired but the issue of a "Support Gap" will be reviewed by the SIR Review Subcommittee.