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Tracking: 52 Status: Closed
State: NY Name: William
Category of Request: Security Information Manufacturer: HONDA

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Honda has opted to don't give Teradyne the software that supports the inmobilizer programing. A funtion that IS in MY Teradyne now. I think that is a breach of contract because it make my tool useless. The excuse they use is that will prevent auto theft. Many tools on the market will do just that program inmobilizer, even without a PIN number for Honda & Acura automobilies. This is another example of American Honda protecting their franchise and leaving the aftermarket out in the cold. Who I compalint to? William Lopez
Other Comments or Concerns
Steven Douglas - 10/3/2005 9:16:49 AM
We appreciate and understand your concerns. In this case, however, I'm not sure we can completely satisfy you in regards to the Teradyne Pocket Tester. Honda developed security systems for vehicles in response to governmental and insurance industry concerns to reduce the risk of automobile theft. These systems were developed prior to the more recent requests to make service information available to independent repair shops. While it's not Honda's intention to create a dealer advantage for this information, we currently have no way to securely deliver this sensitive information to the aftermarket. However, Honda is actively involved in the NASTF process to create a secured environment to provide this information outside the dealer network. It appears that you bought an early version of the handheld Teradyne tool and software that included immobilization capability. On May 9, 2005, Honda was granted permission by the U.S. EPA to remove certain immobilization reprogramming capability, including key duplication, from the tool and software. Teradyne was subsequently informed by Honda that all future tools, software, and updates should reflect this change. While I don't know what information Teradyne used to advertise this tool, it was never our intent to provide immobilization capability for the security reasons stated above. Honda does provide a method to lease a tool that is capable of replacing a powertrain control module through our Service Express website. However, there's currently nothing we can do to give you access to create or replace keys. And as far as the tool itself, you will need to contact Teradyne directly with any specific issues relative to their product.
Steven Douglas - 10/3/2005 9:37:24 AM
I understand your explanation and your company concerns about the growing issue of auto theft; but at a closer look the implementation of your company decision to stop providing the immobilizer software to the aftermarket, don't only benefits your company dealers but does not do anything to stop auto theft. I will inquire with the EPA to see what data your company used to get that permission and if there is any hard facts that the use of a Teradyne pocket tester was implicated on a felony theft. For me this is hard to believe since there are several manufactures that make equipment that provide the immobilizer programming capability available to the aftermarket and they do that to ALL vehicles not just Hondas and Acura's and they do not require a CODE to do it. Your statement about Teradyne advertisement of this equipment is inaccurate; American Honda was aware about the capabilities of this tester, it was the head of the American Honda tools division along with Helm, who introduced the Pocket Tester to me and they explained that this tool had the immobilizer support and in a few months after the release will have the PCM re-programming capability. Prior to the purchase of this tool I spoke several times with your company tool division to find out if this was the real thing, so American Honda knew what it was offering. Your company decision to remove the software most likely was a result to the dealers complaining about the fact that they have to provide the necessaries codes with the consequences of the lost of revenue rather than the auto theft concern. The only ones who benefits from your company's decision are the dealers, not the consumers, not the independent repair shops. The dealers because now they have a monopoly of the market without competition, forcing the repair shops and auto body shops to bring the car to the dealers to re-program the PCM. American Honda has chose to benefit their dealers in detriment of their customers. Now those that need an extra key must go to your company dealers and pay as much as double the price for a key programming. I'm sure Honda and Acura owners will be trilled to hear about it. I will do my best to spread the word. Still y