NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 507 Status: Closed
State: TN Name: Jarek
Category of Request: Driveability - Fuel, Ignition, Emission, Computer, etc. Manufacturer: 2002 MERCEDES S500

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Unable to purchase replacement Transmission Control Module
Description of Information not available
Dealer not allowing purchase of part
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Not able to order through website or local dealer.
Other Comments or Concerns
Last Wednesday, Feb 6th we ordered a Transmission Computer from our local dealer, Mercedes Benz of Knoxville, for a 2002 Mercedes S500. Note that this is a 5 speed 722.6 Transmission with an external control module, NOT the 7 speed 722.9 for which the EGS and EGS repair kit MB has an exemption for. Near the end of business on Friday, February 8th we were informed we would not be receiving the computer because it is a theft relevant part. We inquired if we would be able to purchase it with a notarized Limited Power of Attorney or a NASTF Form D-1 - our salesman said he would need to check with his manager. Since we hadn't heard back by Monday, February 11th, I contacted the parts manager, Rick Soloman, directly. He informed us that under no circumstances would he be allowed to sell us TRP items - the part must be sold and installed by MB of Knoxville. I explained to him that we had registered with the NASTF and that with proper paperwork, he should be selling us TRP items. He said he would check with his regional representative and get back to us. On Wednesday, February 13 I followed up with Mr. Soloman, who told me that his regional rep had not yet gotten back to him, but he had checked the policy and that if we registered with Mercedes Benz, we would be able to buy TRP items. He was not able to provide any further information. I am still not able to purchase this computer, as it is not listed on the parts list and my local dealer is refusing to sell it to me.
Skip Potter - 3/5/2013
MBUSA advised they are contacting the dealer directly to clarify instructions that, in fact, a NASTF VSP should be allowed to purchase this TRP in question.