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Tracking: 494 Status: Manufacturer Responded - Action Pending
State: MA Name: Rusty
Category of Request: Manufacturer: 2005 PETERBILT HD 330

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
I had an issue with a non-operational Pacbrake (exhaust brake) on the above truck. There was no power being applied to the air solenoid for the Pacbrake exhaust brake. I needed an as-built wiring schematic for the truck, Allison transmission, Pacbrake system, and the Cummins engine SN46394673 as well as the location in the truck for the Allison VIM.
Description of Information not available
An IATN member advised me that the Pacbrake info that I needed was available free on-line at I was unable to find on-line links to service info for the Cummins engine or the Peterbilt chassis. does show an on-line store at but the log-ins apply to dealers, employees, and consumers. I was unable to find any links for aftermarket service information. The iATN member steered me to Noregon where I was able to purchase Allison DOC diagnostic software which had the necessary Allison transmission diagrams in the software. While Cummins Insite engine diagnostic software can be purchased through 2 independent OEM tool vendors, I wasn’t finding an on-line link via Cummins for this offering and as far as I know, the Cummins QuickServe on-line service information is restricted to fleets and distributors: From the Cummins QuickServe web page: “ For full Fleet / Distributor Account subscription information click HERE to contact your local Cummins Distributor.”
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
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Other Comments or Concerns
I'd hope that the HD OEMs would move toward short term subscriptions for service information similar to what exists in the light duty market.
Skip Potter - 10/22/2012
NASTF contacts for SIRs with heavy vehicle OEMS is limited at this time. Technicans who file SIRs for heavy vehicles do so with the understanding that their request will not likely result in a two-day solution but will rather serve as an example of existing heavy vehicle service situations as NASTF reviews its role in the heavy vehicle space.
Skip Potter - 10/23/2012
OEM replied to client: Cummins indeed offers the different level of subscriptions that the Light Duty world implements today. I have gone ahead to attach the link ( This link provides you with two options. First option is to create and purchase an account for the respective subscription period(Week, month, year) that you desire. This option gives you access to parts and service information for an unlimited Engine Serial Number. The second option Cummins has is the free version that permits you to view service information for 5 different Engine Serial Number. Additionally, there is another link on called QuickServe Store where endusers can purchase hardcopy manuals, training CD's, our INSITE electronic software and other tools. Please also find the link (
Skip Potter - 10/30/2012
This SIR is a split issue. Cummins quickly replied to the client. NASTF is still trying to identify a contact at Paccar on the schematic issue. Note: HD truck OEMs do not yet particpate in the NASTF SIR although NASTF is just now reaching out to them.
Skip Potter - 05/12/2016
PACCAR including Peterbilt and Kenworth service info websites are expected to launch in 2016.