NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 473 Status: Closed - Request Invalid
State: AL Name: Matt
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 2008 CHEVROLET

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
We paid for the updates to our 2008 suburban twice - paid the 55 2 day rental. We bought the software. It advertises that it will work for updating your computer(s); further it states that it will use emulation to do so through usb and your ODB2 device and pass thru to your car. Bottom line they have everything in place down to the most miniscule detail (which I couldn't figure out why they would do --- until now) to be in compliance apparently with you guys or federal law and give the illusion that they are offering this ability, info, and serviceability to the public; however they ARE NOT. We tried it the first time and it almost worked, I even believe I modified code and it updated partially; however, after sitting in the dealers parking lot using this because it was so plain and simple a solution to fix my vehicle and explaining this to the service manager that I was using acdelco's site; all of a sudden my 2nd download resulted in a pop-up during the diagnosis and update saying "SPS update is disabled and may not be used by you!". I have screen shots, and recordings of my pc during the whole process. I plan on filing a law suit next week but also wanted to notify you guys of the bait and swith, the fake out they are pulling on you guys; and that they are taking it to the "inth" degree in order to make you guys think they are in compliance. I can tell you now, after 2 weeks of working on making it work (and being in the IT industry for 12 years) that they are NOT complying and not only this, they are ripping people off. Further, they are breaking your rules according to what I have read. Best Regards, Matt Smith
Description of Information not available
That the 55 vehicle SPS information you are downloading will not actually be used by Tech2Win Program (meant to emulate the tool) that you also pay 55 for 3 days to use. Each are offered for 55 dollars for 2 and 3 days. They (at the time of downloading give the impression they will update your computer); until you download it and then it doesnt work at the last minute with the pop up as described above. they are going to also get a Suburban back as well, with a lawsuit for refund of all monies paid for the vehicle and each of the downloads as we paid for them multiple times.
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
We have read the help files thoroughly, we have taken absolutely every step you can possibly take. I was parked on a dead in street for one week trying to make it work and at the dealer for the 1st week. Tonight I will re-write the program completely, make a new cable, re-write the updates to work and then I intend on releasing my work to the public through a GPL license for free. The updates they may be able to sell in the future, but the Tech2Win will become worthless and the usb EMULATION WILL work for everyone that comes behind me in order to serve up a bit of justice in case you guys can not, or do not have the power. What they have done is beyond wrong, and this is after my tax dollars bailed them out. They will go broke again, it will just a few years for it to happen, but it's no different than a rich daddy paying off credit cards, my friends always ran them back up again; GM is no different.
Other Comments or Concerns
They are damaging people's lives; my son has had 2 changes of clothes at college for 3 weeks due to thier actions, no transporation, no groceries, etc. And is 2000 miles away while knowing no-one and at college trying to adjust at a young age which has been caused him to grow up a bit(I can deal with as his dad); but his mom has lost (and I have as well) moments in time in our lives that we can never get back due to their misleading website which still has my money. I just hope my lawsuit becomes a class-action lawsuit; this is the only amount of money that will get their attn.; paying me would do nothing to cause them to suffer as we have for 3 weeks at this point.
Skip Potter - 7/30/2012
The clients threat of legal action prevents service operations from assisting this client at this time. OEM Service Contact notified client that their report has been referred to the legal department.
Skip Potter - 8/11/2012
OEM informed NASTF of repeated unsuccessful attempts to reach client by both email and phone. This SIR is deemed closed and invalid since we are unable to verify with the with client any of the details of the claim. The client may reopen this SIR by contacting and reference SIR #473.
Skip Potter - 9/13/2012
Client copied NASTF on a critical email to GM. Sent client link to SIR report.