NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 401 Status: Closed
State: TX Name: Richard
Category of Request: OEM Special Tools Availability Manufacturer: BMW

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Diagnose or program vehicle due to a mishandling of the J-2534 drivers by ISTA Workshop (ISTA/D)
Description of Information not available
all diagnostics and reprogramming
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
This has been an ongoing issue with the BMW system. The problem lies totally within the ISTA Workshop system (ISTA/D) as it relates to using the J-2534 interface. The problem lies specifically in the handling of the pass-thru drivers by the software. The software does not properly release the driver after use so that it may be used by either ISTA software again. This results in an error code 52/2 : The device is locked. Once the computer is rebooted the device is shown to be working correctly but none of the ISTA software can find it. The problem can be resolved by removing and reinstalling the ISTA/D (Workshop) program. To make matters worse BMW is deliberately controlling software download speeds to make this an arduous task to remove/reinstall this software. This slow download speed puts at risk the software that you are trying to download as it requires an extended length of time to download this software no matter how fast the internet connection is. This is because BMW is only sending the files at a predetermined rate (file per minute would be my educated guess). To bake this claim up . the software was downloaded from 3 different internet connections. Connection 1: AT&T DSL connection - connection speed 2.37 MBPS Line quality test and verified at A with 80ms ping time to NJ and 5 ms jitter. Connection 2 : Sprint wireless broadband connection directly to the machine. Speed 5.32 mbps per second. Ping time is 179 ms with jitter in the 12 ms range. Line quality is rated at B. Connection 3: Direct Ethernet connection directly to T1 trunk line connection provide by one of my customers. This is a high speed connection that is capable of 99.98% error free quality. Speeds is rated at 12.35 mbps. Ping time is at 28 ms and jitters 2 ms. Line quality is rated at A+. To prove the speed difference a standard download file was chosen from known server to test each line. Line 1 downloaded the test file (853 megabytes)in 1 hour 23 minutes while line 2 did the same file in 53 minutes. The T1 connection took 46 minutes on the test file which seemed slower than it should be to me. I contacted the server provider and the confirmed that the T1 was beyond the the maximum speed limit of the server single connection speed and ran their connection at full speed for the test. This server is a small company server chosen because I know the owner of the company that is located several states away. As you can see we have a variation in times of about 37 minutes between the fastest and slowest connection. We ran this download test 3 times with all 3 connections and determine that the variation of each download was approximately plus or minus 2 minutes which was due to traffic interference on the internet. This is what I expected. Let's now move to the BMW server and try to download the ISTA/D files ( workshop). These files are roughly 856 megabytes. We should see the same type of results for the software download here as well!! Test 1 : connection 1 download time is 4 hours 34 minutes. WHAT??? It should be roughly 1 hour 25 minutes. Is it the connection? NOPE!! tests fine to the other server again!! Lets go faster to connection 2. Estimated download time is 57 minutes. Download time is 4 hours, 32 minutes. NO CHANGE WITH THE SPEED INCREASE!! Maybe it's the line qualtiy so let's try the T1 connection and see what happens here. With incredibly fast and stable transmission rates it should blow the others away. 4 hours 36 minutes later it finally completes!! Wait a second!! The fastest connection has the slowest time? As I sit here stunned by the results I notice something. All results are within the 4 minute window which is what we found for normal internet variation!! This also shows absolutely that BMW is regulating the speeds to prolong the file transfers needed to complete this task. While we are running these tests we come across the smoking gun so to speak. This attachment (BMW transmission rate zoomed) shows ex
Other Comments or Concerns
- 9/21/2011
Per OEM, the customer issue has been resolved as it was an issue with Mr. Layton's computer and not a lack of information availability.