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State: PA Name: Peter
Category of Request: Driveability - Fuel, Ignition, Emission, Computer, etc. Manufacturer: 2005 FORD ESCAPE

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Ford TSB 09-2-6 was recently replaced by 10-18-10. The bulletins state that the issue is the same, rf interference from the spark plugs. The new bulletin does not appear to address the spark plug problem, but the old one did. Is there anything to be done to prevent this same problem from reocurring?
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What action should be taken to resolve the rf interference from the spark plugs that led to other problems on these vehicles?
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Mary Hutchinson - 6/17/2011
Response from Ford personnel: We have received and investigated your inquiry regarding TSB 10-18-10. Thank you for using the NASTF service information inquiry process. The concern this TSB addresses was a result of excessive radio frequency (RF) interference created in the ignition system that could damage the ignition coils and PCM. TSB 09-2-06 (released 1/23/2009) instructed the technician to inspect and install new spark plugs as necessary and new coil on plug (COP) ignition coils. Both of these components were redesigned to include additional RF suppression. Further testing was performed after TSB 09-2-06 launched. This testing validated the redesigned COPs reduced the RF below the damaging threshold regardless of the spark plug design. TSB 09-2-06 was superseded with TSB 10-18-10 (released 9/14/2010) to reflect the change in procedure (not inspecting/replacing the spark plugs). Please let us know if you have any further questions.
Mary Hutchinson - 6/20/2011
Additional questions from Mr. Fox: Thank you for the response. I do have a few further questions. Were any changes made to the PCM to prevent damage from the coil on plug ignition coils and/or the spark plugs? I see that the replacement PCM is listed as 5L8Z-12A650-AAD or 5L8Z-12A650-LH, depending on the PCM in the vehicle needing repair. The same PCM numbers are referenced in TSB 10-18-10, 09-2-06 and an even older TSB (05-11-1) addressing this issue. I believe that this PCM number also can be connected to the latest calibration part number for the vehicle and had noted that the latest calibration excel file ( shows several different hardware types (LBO-A52, LBO-A55 and LBO-A56) connected in the calibration history of the latest part numbers. I assume that a PCM purchased from a dealer would be the latest hardware type available, but what does that mean for other hardware types? Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Peter Fox