NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 4 Status: Closed
State: TX Name: Will
Category of Request: Security Information Manufacturer: CHRYSLER

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Key Code & S.K.I.M pin code
Description of Information not available
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Was told that I could get Locksmith information to replace lost keys by subscribing to a database. THE INFORMATION I NEEDED WAS NOT AVAILABLE. Automotive Locksmiths are a necessary function in automotive repair, and should have information to conduct such repairs available on the database.
Other Comments or Concerns
Bill Haas - 2/21/2005 11:16:02 AM
This e-mail will summarize the actions that DaimlerChrysler took in response to the complaint submitted on December 6, 2004. On December 7, 2004, DaimlerChrysler contacted you by phone to learn more about your compliant. You stated that you read in a Locksmith's periodical that locksmiths can subscribe to automobile manufacturer databases. DaimlerChrysler does not allow locksmiths direct access to its key and SKIM pin code database. However, you can obtain these codes if you are an approved member of Cross Country, the organization that DaimlerChrysler uses to make key and SKIM pin codes available to approved locksmiths. You stated that this was OK with you and that you are a member of Cross Country. There are times when you have no problems obtaining the codes from Cross Country. Unfortunately, there are times when you cannot obtain the codes from Cross Country because they cannot find a record of your name in their system or they do not have the codes for the specific vehicle that needs service. DaimlerChrysler would investigate this issue and get back to you. In January 2005, DaimlerChrysler contacted you twice by phone. The first call was to further discuss your issue. The second call was to inform you that DaimlerChrysler was developing software that should correct the problems that you identified and that the software would be implemented by March 1, 2005. While you should not have any problems on this issue after March 1, please contact DaimlerChrysler if you experience any problems. DaimlerChrysler Corporation