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Tracking: 375 Status: Closed
State: MI Name: Michael
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: Varies FORD ALL

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Description of Repair unable to perform
Ford's re-flashing software, Ford Module Programming (FMP), has some new software features that prohibits other J2534 programs from gaining access to the J2534 Pass-Thru device that is specified within Ford Module Programming.
Description of Information not available
When a user installs Ford Module Programming, as of version 71, a process called vcl_pc.exe and its parent service called TDSNetSetup are installed. These applications run upon the start of the Windows PC and continually try to connect to the Pass-Thru device that has been specified within Ford Module Programming. Other applications running on the PC are not be able to access the Pass-thru device. This also causes re-flash applications from other manufactures to fail, potentially causing costly vehicle controller damage.
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
This process and service need to be removed from the installation of Ford Module Programming so that other applications on the PC may access the Pass-thru device. Ford Module Programming as well as any other application that uses a pass-thru device need to call upon the pass-thru device when their application starts. This promotes a healthy software environment on the PC making sure that no errant issues arise for other manufacturer J2534 applications as well as applications used for health of the J2534 pass-thru device itself.
Other Comments or Concerns
Drew Technologies will happy to provide more specific details about this issue upon request.
Mary Hutchinson - 2/18/2011
Response from Ford personnel: Mr. Bowdish, I understand you contacted our engineering team directly subsequent to submitting this inquiry to NASTF and have since received a response. We could find no record of you submitting a request for assistance through the official user question/contact process on prior to receiving this. We originally made a change in R71 Ford Module Programming to improve the startup speed and received positive feedback. However, we did receive 2 reports and were able to duplicate the reported issue and determine a resolution that will be incorporated in an upcoming release. We've since put the previous R70 version back on and informed any of our users that reported issues through the official user question/contact process to use R70 until a new version is posted. Thank you for your interest and help in making Ford Module Programming a better product.