NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 372 Status: Closed
State: MA Name: Paul
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 2003 VOLVO XC90 T6

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Initialization programming of Central Electronic Module (CEM)
Description of Information not available
Information giving explanation and/or procedure for specific programming failure error messages (if not provided with the error itself or if the procedure provided also fails).
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Initiated help request on help request system – Request #24281
Other Comments or Concerns
I am submitting this request regarding multiple failed download attempts on a 2003 Volvo XC90 and the subsequent attempts to obtain information on the proper procedure to remedy the situation. I believe this issue falls within the scope of the NASTF agreement by questioning the levels of access to service and tool information. For now, I will omit most of the details of the repair and focus on the information access (I would be happy to provide a complete account of the repair details if needed). A mistake was made on our part during the initialization download of a new central electronic module (CEM) for this vehicle. A software reload package for the module was ordered with the wrong VIN number in the request and the package was subsequently loaded into the vehicle. I initiated a help request with (VTI) on the matter seeking advice on what should be done in this situation. This began an extended communication between the help request staff and myself that went on for about 14 days (1/19 – 2/1). Initially, I was looking to find out what should be done next, would this have any effect on the vehicle who’s VIN was mistakenly provided in the future (if it had to be programmed for anything in the future) and finally if I might be granted access to the “engineering tool” that could erase the incorrectly programmed CEM. Further into the process, I had a download failure when trying to program a second new CEM unit (as the first one had to thrown in the trash because we couldn’t erase the incorrect programming). The access to the engineering tool has pretty much already been asked and answered in a previous NASTF request (but I figured nothing ventured nothing gained) so I am more focused on the other questions. This is where I’m scrutinizing the tech hotline exclusion in the NASTF agreement and its effect in this situation. From my point of view, as an independent repair shop, the hotline is a legitimate, tangible second level source of service information that has no established access method available to the independent repair community. I want to be clear on my intentions here. I am not soliciting access to the hotline for the independent community (although it would probably be a lucrative new revenue stream for VCNA as a pay service). I am soliciting consideration and discussion on possible ways to access the information that the hotline uses/references in situations like this for the subscribing members of the independent download application. I am not expecting VTI to fix an issue for me but instead to provide the information that provides me a process to follow and fix it myself. Where does the tech hotline draw their information from? I know they’re probably a pretty sharp crew but they surely can’t just be troubleshooting from the hip. In this particular case, for instance, my issue came down to one problem at the end of it all– I could not get a second new CEM to load software after the first CEM was programmed successfully (but with incorrect information). I could successfully reload the original CEM (2 times in fact) but not a new one. I was getting a very specific, consistent error message every time the programming was attempted: The actual node is not able to receive the software package with the download speed set for DiCE. (00) All control modules in the car must be in programming mode in order for programming to be carried out. 1. Connect an external power source to the communication tool. 2. Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. 3. Select SEND PROG to start sending prog command. 4. Wait until information about the connecting battery terminal is displayed. 5. Reconnect the negative battery terminal. 6. Select CONTINUE to start the download sequence again. Steps 1-6 were performed multiple times with the same error repeating consistently. So here is the information question- where does the independent go from here for further information on this
Mary Hutchinson - 3/1/2011
Response from Volvo: Thank you for following the proper process and allowing us to assist you by submitting a help request via We find this to be very successful in resolving our customer concerns. We understand your situation regarding help request 24281 has lead you to this point. After trying a download you received a message from VIDA indicating several paths to attempt to resolve your impasse. None of those methods corrected your situation. In good faith and effort, the Volvo Tech Info staff worked to have your situation reviewed by the Volvo Tech Hotline. Their response was understandably general in nature, based on the experiences they have had. The logfiles you provided indicated the battery voltage was too low and we felt this was a possible source of the problem. We understand your thoughts about making a tech hotline available to independent repair shops. Even as a second level support it could be a helpful tool if we were able to implement a program like this. The VTI staff has discussed this matter on several occasions. Presently, this is not a viable option. While there are certain privileges available to retailers for owning a franchise, all in all the same information is available to the Independents as is to the retailers. I recently spoke with members of the Technical Hotline staff, and for the most part, they derive their information from VIDA and posted Retailer Technical Journals. You have hopefully noticed the improvements we have made to the pdf library for the searching of pertinent technical journals. While it is tru that our hotline staff does have access to specific engineering level databases to sort out rare, difficult cases, this is not the normal course of business. The establishment of a technical hotline that could support the Independents would require a strong business case which at this time does not exist. Volvo does not currently maintain a list of known error messages and specific rememdies associated with each. Such a list could not exist, as there are many reasons a problem may present itself, from the more obvious, like battery voltage, to the complex. Secondly, the hotline draws much of its knowledge from their own peronal experience. I hope this helps to explain Volvo's position, and we do appreciate your inquiry