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Tracking: 346 Status: Closed
State: CA Name: Craig
Category of Request: PowerTrain - Clutch, Drive-Axles, Differential, Transmission, electronic controls, etc. Manufacturer: 2004 MERCEDES-BENZ E500

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Valve Body-Internal Transmission Repair
Description of Information not available
Valve Body Availability fot aftermarket
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Caliber Mercedes- Don States that this is an TRP issue.
Other Comments or Concerns
Why is a Mechanical Part inside the transmission a Theft Related Part Issue. It seems that Mercedes wrote Code in most parts on the CAN network, to identify them as TRP's and Making my customer return to the dealer for repairs.My customer does not want to go to the dealer to have his transmission repaired. He is ok with obtaining Keys, etc from the dealer as he understands these are Security issues.Please explain how a module located inside a valve body, located inside the transmission can expose Mercedes to a security breach? Will Mercedes offer to repair my customers car for free since he must return to the dealer for proprietory parts ONLY available within the dealer network? Is this a violation of the free trade agreement, or other agreements? Thank You!
Mary Hutchinson - 11/9/2010
E-mail sent to Mr. Johnson from NASTF Administrator as follows: Hi Craig, Although this won't help you at this moment in time and with this particular customer, your issue is one that we have been working with Mercedes on for a while. They are well under way to putting into place a system which will allow aftermarket shops like yours to purchase the TRP's through a system which uses our Secure Data Release Model. They expect to have this completed very soon. In the meantime, according to the Mercedes policy, you, as authorized agent of your customer, should be able to purchase the part with appropriate documentation. Have you tried going to the dealership with the policy and purchase form and other documentation in hand? If you need a copy of the policy or the form, they are available on the NASTF website on this page: The relevant section of the policy is 4.1.3 on page 3. Mary