NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 339 Status: Closed
State: NH Name: Mike
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 2006 NISSAN ALTIMA

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
I am unable to program the ECM, also the website is misleading in regards to what needs to be purchased to flash. I have updated the firmware in my jbox, made sure all the flash files were in the correct folder per the text file. The program gets to the voltage test screen then seems to time out. I tried my flashing charger which maintains 13.5-14.5 volt, I also tried a booster box at 12.5v. I also tried a virgin PC to see if that was it. It generated log files and I have screen caps through the process. Once the error log is generated, the program continues. I get to the point where it says to leave the key on for 15 minutes then verify software level and it is the same I started with. I have contacted Drew Tech on this issue too. In regards to the web site layout, I purchased a subscription for $20 for 1 day. I click on the downloaded software page (while being logged in) and it said I have not purchased any flash files, so I bought one for yet another $20 thinking it was how it had to be done. The website was not clear on that, I also do not understand why, if I a logged in it prompted me to buy another subscription. It was not clear at all.
Description of Information not available
Unable to flash the vehicle using the OE Jbox software
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
I contacted Drew Tech, updated jbox firmware, loaded on a virgin PC
Other Comments or Concerns
Mary Hutchinson - 10/22/2010
Nissan has contacted Mike Marshall and is providing assistance in reprogramming his customer’s vehicle. Based on the current information, the root cause of his incident has not been identified, but we will support him until the incident is resolved. As for his comments about difficulty in navigating our website, he has provide suggestion that we will incorporate in the near future. Please contact me if you need additional information.
Mary Hutchinson - 12/22/2010
At Mr. Marshall's request, Nissan personnel reviewed his case, the issues that he rose, and the responses that he received. The following e-mail was sent to Mr. Marshall after the review had taken place: First let me thank you for using the NASTF SIR system. Nissan is a supporter of the NASTF and is committed to its’ efforts to identify and resolve gaps in service information to aftermarket service professionals like yourself. Nissan also supports ASA and NESSARA efforts to provide training on OEM website usage and we have provided these organizations with promotional subscriptions for all attendees including sessions held across New England in the past two years. I also want to thank you for supporting Nissan vehicles in the marketplace. We believe that aftermarket service professionals are one of the keys to the future sale of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. After reviewing your attachments, it appears you are concerned that Nissan’s J2534 software does not meet EPA regulatory requirements and will not reprogram Nissan vehicles. And it seems by the difficulties encountered navigating our website that this was the first time you used our website and attempted a reprogram using Nissan’s J2534 software. I wish your experience had been more successful, and as Jill Pecar stated in her emails, we have made clarifications on the website based on your experiences. We also developed a plan to make additional navigation changes to improve user experiences. We hope to have these all launched by early summer. As for the specific reprogramming problem you encountered; Jill’s response was accurate, but maybe didn’t give you enough information. The error code 10510 is a CVN read issue. After reprogramming, the ECM calculates the response to the software. In your case the software timed out before the response was received, canceling the reprogram. Why the ECM response was too slow is unknown; hence the statement that it is a vehicle problem and may require an ECM replacement. The reason the dealership was able to reprogram using Consult is the communication protocol used by Consult is not the same as that used by J2534. Consult is not as critical to the responses, which sometimes will allow it to complete when J2534 will not. This is not to state that Consult is 100% effective. We have our fair share of failures at our dealers even using Consult. But we have a good percent of success with both J2534 and Consult. We have over 63,000 registered users of our website and sell an average of 75 reprogram files per month. We average 2 aftermarket service provider contacts per month and these are normally to help the user place the files in the proper location on his PC. I cannot explain why from time to time, someone has a problem with a particular vehicle, but it appears to be more prevalent of newer vehicles with elaborate CAN systems. I have personally experienced reprogram failures caused by other ECUs on the CAN line. December 1, we released a new version of our J2534 reprogramming software that was developed to support both Euro5 and our North American reprogramming activity. This software has its’ own share of operational issues, like slow communication on DDL systems, but we are working on more enhancements as we get experience with it. This software is also validated on 4 pass-through devices. I am confident this new software will improve reprogramming success in the field.