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Tracking: 321 Status: Closed
State: GA Name: Ronald
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 2011 BMW 750LI

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Vehicle not in the system
Description of Information not available
No information available at all
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Checked the online system. No information AT ALL for any vehicle past 2009
Other Comments or Concerns
This vehicle in question is my personal car. After an istall of an electronic system, the air bag light needed to be reset, The automated vehicle recognition in ISTA P did not recognize the car. Tried to put the VIN number in manualy with the same results. Then I went to the page where the vehicle can be manually put it and the latest vehicle available was a 2009! No 2010 or 2011. Maybe BMW thinks that we in the aftermarket won't see the latest models in the shop, but that is incorrect. This needs to be corrected at once! How can we work on cars where no info is available? This includes repair information! NOTHING on BMWTIS.Com for 2010 or 2011 vehicles, nothing. No repair info, no coding or programing, no wiring diagrams - nothing. In my case, I chose the 2009 and was able - after a 2 hour wait for ISTA to recognize all the contrl units, and a additional 45 minutes for code checking - to clear the air bag light. BUT, first of all why was I not able to find a 2011 vehicle, why did the system not recognize my VIN number and secondly why does it take 3 hours to clear a fault? Unaceptable timeframe to do a simple task such as reseting a light. I understand that the 3G system will have some drawbacks and that the only real answer is ISIS, so I emplore BMW to make ISIS available to us with the same leasing option as the dealers have. I can pay $800.00 an month but not $2000.00
Mary Hutchinson - 7/21/2010
Dear Mr. Trochelmann, Thank you for your service information request # 321. The ISTA diagnosis and ISTA/P programming software available on the website is the same version of software available at the BMW Centers. If a specific VIN is not recognized by the software, the vehicle data has not yet been added to the central database. In this case the vehicle information will need to be manually input into the software. The current versions of ISTA and ISTA/P cover vehicles up to and including 2010. Regards,   BMW of North America, LLC.
Mary Hutchinson - 11/18/2010
See subcommittee response (final note) in Information Request number 299 for details on the results of NASTF Service Information Committee subcommittee review of this issue.