NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 319 Status: Closed
State: GA Name: Ronald
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 2006 BMW M5

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
We replaced the CCC ASK unit. Would not code.
Description of Information not available
Enabling codes were not available to us directly, we had to go through a dealers parts department to get them.
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Contacted BMW's help desk.
Other Comments or Concerns
We hooked the vehicle up to ICOM and started ISTA P. It took 2.5 hours for ISTA P to recognise the vehicle. Then ISTA wanted to update the i level of the vehicle. We let it do it and then it stated that we had to end the session and restart to program. So we ended the session, and it takes again 2.5 hours to identify the car. Next it wants an enabling code that we have zero access to. I called my dealer, with who I fortunatly have a very good working relationship with, and ask about the enabling code. I was informed that I needed to get that code from the parts department. So I spoke to my parts person and he had no idea what I was talking about. Since we purchase all of our parts from them, he went out of his way to find out how to do this. I doubt that any parts department would do this for someone who does not buy from them... anyway, after a few hours he called me back and the shop foreman showed him how to get the enabling codes. He e-mailed it to me, and we copied it to a flash drive and it worked. However the CCC ASK did not accept the coding, the system stated that there was an i-level conflict and that we would need to restart the session. Another 2.5 hours to identify the car. The time it takes for ISTA P to identify a vehicle is not with in any reasonable time frame. This vehicle was the first one we used ISTA P with, and every vehicle since has taken the exact same amount of time to identify. How can I make my business work if I have to spend up to 3 hours on a vehicle just to identify it? We have not even started to do any thing!?!? Then it takes another 45 minutes for the control unit tree to identify all of the control units. By now I am almost 4 hours on this vehicle and have done nothing. How can anyone expect a customer to ubderstan that it takes 4 hours to figure out why his check engine light is on? What do I cahrge for that???? I know I can purchase ISIS and that this issue would go away, but how does a small business afford a $90,000.00 tool that will be supported for only 5 years and can only be financed for 5 years? That is a $2000.00 a month payment. No one can afford to do that. BMW recognises that issue for their dealers and provide a lease program for their dealers through BMW FS. Offer me the same deal, and you can install ISIS in my shop right now. UNtil then, a solution MUST be found to make ISTA a viable diagnostic and programming platform that is usable in a aceptable time frame.
Mary Hutchinson - 7/21/2010
Dear Mr. Trochelmann, Thank you for your service information request #319. If an enabling, or activation code is required during the vehicle programming session you can request this code by sending the vehicle VIN number along with your contact information to For reference, this procedure is listed in the FAQ section of the 3G online installation manual. The online system is currently undergoing software and hardware updates to provide both better performance and overall system stability. Regards,   BMW of North America, LLC.
Mary Hutchinson - 11/18/2010
See subcommittee response (final note) in Information Request number 299 for details on the results of NASTF Service Information Committee subcommittee review of this issue.