NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 318 Status: Closed
State: TX Name: Lee
Category of Request: PowerTrain - Clutch, Drive-Axles, Differential, Transmission, electronic controls, etc. Manufacturer: 2006 BMW 750

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Difficulty in accessing information thru the BMW remote server system. Extremely more time consuming that the previous BMW system as well as subject to the additional server test system being functional (or not). Apparently a much more unreliable system than previously used as well as the wiring information system which was really impressive from a technicians stand point due to the cost in time to use. The "new" BMW system is considerably more time consuming as compared to the previous setup. The new procedure is very time restrictive. The old system should be reactivated until the "bugs" are ironed out of the new system. From reading the other issues in the NASTF system it seems BMW is still working on it. They can send an email to their subscribers when they get it FASTER than the old system. Currently, I consider it un acceptable (as a professional BMW technician of 30 years) and I'm not concerned that the "dealerships" have these same issues. I'll take the stand that since there is obviously a system that works better resulting in more economical prices for the consumer as well as more accurate diagnostic repairs. - Would you like it if this web site took 5 min. to get to, another few minetes to load the start page, another few minetes to get a remote server to open another start page, another 5 minetes to two weeks. Yes, the system was down for about two weeks with no explanation from BMW - all of a sudden it just worked one morning in my routine of "well, let's see if it works" in opening my business, and IT DID! Yipppee - oh, back to getting it startered, now another 10 min. or so to get to the point where you can look thru a "hit list" to see if you managed to click on the appropriate page (well, we are not allowed the "privileges" a dealership is with on line instruction as independent shops - they have figured out a way to eliminate these instructions from the "normal" dealership training thanks to the "restrictions" listed in the NASTF "forced" acceptance of the "do you agree" just to get to this form. I originally clicked "I DO NOT agree" but your system said I HAD to so I clicked that I agree with those restrictions. Oh, is this eating your time up? Now you know what I mean. During the two week "time out" I had imposed on me (and my customers) the BMW "support" was asking me to loop around over and over to send them "log files" from my computer when in fact the problem was not on my system. In the end, I sent them a message telling them they could stop the "trouble ticket" (hoping to save them the effort thinking they were actually working towards helping me) and the reply I got from them after I told them the system was now working, they asked me to resend them log files! - An automated response??? - If this is the same support the dealerships are getting then I'm simply confused even further.
Description of Information not available
Transmission / engine
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
No fault available regardless of severe misfire and engine pinging at idle as well as tremendous strain on brakes as vehicle is engaged in forward or reverse gears. The vehicle in question had all of the clues that met the requirement to perform a control unit reprogram per the SIB program yet the reprogramming had allegedly already been performed. I will add that without access to repair history the consumer is subjected to un neccessary charges. One minor point of interest is the BMW testing system indicated "mileage" when in fact it was giving a kilometer reading which resulted in even more confusion since the mandated warranty on a injection system control unit is 80,000 miles. In my case the readings on the test report were in excess of 80,000 miles when in fact the vehicle had slightly over 50,000 miles reading on the odometer. I had contacted BMW support which they generously offered information to the extent they were capable.
Other Comments or Concerns
I was not able to diagnose the issues with this vehicle due to lack of information and inability to test in an ordinary fashion with a multimeter or pressure gauges. The process on diagnosing an old fashion problem was over whelming and un economical resulting in the inability to test components. At what point is a repair warranted vs. needing to charge exorbitant prices to "simply" replace entire components? Where is the guideline on a repair vs just replacing parts? At what point is if "acceptable" to replace an extremely high priced component vs. replacement of a part (of the component)? At what point is it acceptable for a manufacturer to take the stand "it's not my problem, it's my profit" vs. being an ethical and truly concerned manufacturer about the price of the repair (as opposed to replacement) of a "part". I thought I'm supposed to be able to "fix" an automobile - not provide a customer with a new automobile one expensive part at a time. A better example might be the total lack of "parts" to repair a manual transmission (ever since 1995 - the Getrag 6 speed transmission). It is my understanding we are supposed to be able to repair vehicles, at a fair and reasonable price. Is it basically "whatever the market will bear" and left up to the manufacturer marketing department to determine these thresholds? Please refer to the terms and conditions list developed to access this form if the question relates to those "restrictions" on this information.
Mary Hutchinson - 8/9/2010
Hello Lee, As we had discussed on an earlier date, the BMW OSS system has been updated on July 23,2010 to provide better performance and features to our users. In regards to diagnosis, many of the tests needed for a proper diagnosis are now integrated into the vehicle test and requires little input from the user. For more complicated testing, the use of Multi meters and pressure gauges is still required. In regards to component replacement please note that BMW does NOT support technician rebuilding of its transmissions and, only limited repair and service, for example seals, gaskets, and sensors. Therefore, only limited transmission service information can be found at any BMW-authorized source, including this website. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you, BMW Support