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Tracking: 316 Status: Closed
State: TX Name: Michael
Category of Request: Manufacturer: BMW

Have you checked the OEM website?
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on line programming
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use of on line programming
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To whom it may concern, I have serviced BMW automobiles for over 27 years, and have owned the GT1 for over 10 years. The BMWTIS site was a useful tool, and was somewhat reasonably accessible. The ISTA system has proven to be very cumbersome to use. I have not even attempted to implement this system that is so fraught with disappointments and aggravation. Until such time as I learn it has been made usable , in comparison to other OE sites, or the previous TIS site, I will not be renewing my subscription. No other manufacturer that I am familiar with requires a dedicated PC to use their system. This is an unreasonable expense , not to mention the time required by an IT professional to set it up to function. The speed of operation is also noted as unacceptable.
Mary Hutchinson - 7/22/2010
Dear Mr. Haven, Thank you for your service information request # 316. The ISTA/P programming software is available in an online version to provide the independent repair facility the same software and programming abilities as the BMW technician. The ISTA/P programming system is a very user friendly system with many improvements over the previous Progman system. Please understand that while the system is fully functional, the current download speeds of the system are not the expected result and we have been working diligently to steadily improve overall system performance. Because you have stated that you have not used the system additional support will not be possible until you have installed the software. Regards,   BMW of North America, LLC.
Mary Hutchinson - 8/9/2010
Mr. Haven, Thank you for your Service Information request. We regret that you had experienced difficulties using our online systems. We would like to let you know that on July 23, 2010 the BMW OSS has been upgraded to provide better performance and features for our users. If you have any questions please contact us at Thank you, BMW Support