NASTF Information Requests

Tracking: 315 Status: Closed - Requester Satisfied
State: FLA Name: Richard
Category of Request: Other or Non-Vehicle Specific Manufacturer: FORD

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
current calibrations for IDS
Description of Information not available
ordered VCM bimonthly updates on DVD on 2/24/10. Have not been sent any disks to this point.
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Have called Rotunda diagnostic support approx. 8 - 10 times with all info. Was told several times "no updates available and no disks were sent. Then was told "problems with update 66 and disk would be sent out late". Next, it was "Yes, you are mailing list and No, I don't know why you didn't recieve disk but, supervisor will be sure and send disk. I still have recieved no disks and I know several update have occured since I ordered the disks. Order # is 28056 Serial # of VCM is 3008 N 52751 and disks are to be sent to Richard Smith @ Smitty's Garage. Thank you for your attention to this matter
Other Comments or Concerns
Mary Hutchinson - 7/7/2010
Ford personnel responded: We apologize for the issue you've had receiving your VCM updates. Ford Rotunda has overnighted a DVD to you out of our Helm distributor, so you should receive it tomorrow. Officially, you should be receiving the updates from Sony. We've verified that you are on the latest distribution list and are having Sony check into it. We will follow up with you to confirm the issue has been resolved. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.