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Tracking: 308 Status: Closed - Requester Not Satisfied
State: MA Name: Russell
Category of Request: OEM Special Tools Availability Manufacturer: CHRYSLER

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
CAN BUS Diagnostics
Description of Information not available
Chrysler's Tool Company(DCC Tools) is refusing to sell me any witech scantool components without the purchase of a "complete" system "from Them". I purchased a witech "pod kit" from their online store and paid by CC and they call me on phone stating that they were cancelling my order because they had no record of my purchasing a "complete" system from them!
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
I have spoken to Jennifer on several occasions to try to rectify this issue but have been unable information tells me that only a "Starmobile" or wiTech "Pod Kit" is necessary to scan the vehicle systems and not the "wireless gateway" so why am I not being allowed access to the tooling?
Other Comments or Concerns
Purchase of Pod Kit was allowed in October 2009 and policy changed in December 2009 from what I am told. This change in policy has more than doubled the purchase price for this system and DCC Tools has also stopped selling Starmobile without wiTech "system purchase" I must be allowed to purchase a used system (which is what I have) without being locked out of future purchases of additional components...My Pod kit was stolen and just wanted to replace it...tooling issues continue to become a big problem within the Independent Industry and no one seems to be fixing it!
Mary Hutchinson - 5/18/2011
The wiTECH is available as a bundle to the aftermarket in the same manner that we make it available to our dealers. Mr. Bradway only wants to purchase part of the bundle, however it is not sold that way. Chrysler does not choose to sell only a portion of the wiTech, whether to dealers or the aftermarket.
Mary Hutchinson - 5/24/2011
Chrysler personnel summarize their response to Mr. Bradway as follows: I had several phone conversations with Mr.Bradway in 2010 regarding his NASTF Information Requests #308 and 342. We also received a request that Mr. Bradway submitted to iATN that was forwarded to us on April 29, 2009 from Mary Hutchinson of NASTF. I do not recall responding to the request that Mr. Bradway submitted to iATN. The following information summarizes our conservations and position on this issue. · Mr. Bradway wanted to purchase one or a few components of Chrysler’s wiTECH diagnostic system. · We informed Mr. Bradway that Chrysler makes the wiTECH system available to our dealerships and the aftermarket in a bundle (i.e., the purchaser has to purchase the complete wiTECH package). We believe this meets our commitment to Senator Dorgan which is to make the same tools available to the aftermarket that we make available to our dealerships. · Mr. Bradway informed me that when Chrysler first began making the wiTECH available for sale to the aftermarket an aftermarket technician could purchase individual components of the wiTECH system, not the complete bundle. It’s my understanding that we offered for sale to the aftermarket the individual components of the wiTECH system during a brief trial period. It’s also my understanding that no aftermarket technician purchased any of these individual components during this trail period. Since this brief trial period, we offer the wiTECH system for sale as a bundle, the same way we make it available to our dealerships. · Mr. Bradway informed us that the wiTECH is being sold on eBay. It’s my understanding that Chrysler cannot control wiTECH sales on eBay. · Mr. Bradway was not satisfied with Chrysler’s position.