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Tracking: 285 Status: Closed
State: MA Name: Brian
Category of Request: Security Information Manufacturer: 2004 AUDI A4

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Cannot program keys
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I have a Vag-Com scan tool along with my LSID number. Audi requires there own version of security locksmith policing which is an additional $100, not sure if this is a one time fee or annually. Then you need to purchase a VAS5052 or VAS5052A, wait five days and hope for approval.
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Reluctantly sent to Herb Chambers Audi
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We repair 100 cars per week and own a healthy amount of OEM scan tools. I find this answer to reprogramming keys out of reach for 99% of aftermarket repair facilities. As a result of my dissatisfaction with Audi/VW's position on being anti consumer, we NEVER recommend anyone EVER purchase one of these vehicles. Go Toyota!!!
Mary Hutchinson - 1/14/2010
Audi has set specific procedures for independent repair shops wishing to do Audi key reprogramming. The following is the procedure, as outlined on the Audi service information website: Independent Workshop Procedure for Obtaining Replacement Keys and Key Adaptations Access to vehicle security information and replacement keys is provided for security professionals registered with the NASTF (National Auto Service Task Force) vehicle security professional registry. For more information visit the NASTF Web Site. The Immobilizer is a theft-deterrent device that adds a layer of security that is standard on every Volkswagen and Audi model. This is achieved with an electronic device embedded in the ignition key, an Immobilizer Control Module and an electronic link to the Engine Control Module. System Access Volkswagen uses an on-line Immobilizer Adaptation (PIN) delivery system. It is a vehicle anti-theft protection system. With this system VAS 5052 or 5052A diagnostic tool is connected to the vehicle and via Internet to an online database called Fazit. The identification of the tester and vehicle are passed to the database and the correct PIN is passed to the vehicle in a secure link without direct user interface. Internet Requirements for performing Key adaptations This technique requires a secure un-interrupted Internet connection How high is the volume of data transmitted during immobilizer adaptation? During update programming approx. 4MB are transmitted via the Internet connection. A special certificate is required. Why do I need a permanent Internet link for update programming? In order to avoid errors occurring during the immobilizer process it is important to understand that once started, the process can not be interrupted -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 1: Registration Step 2: Register as an Authorized Independent Workshop with AUDI Step 3: Obtaining as VAS 5052/5052A diagnostic tool Step 4: Obtaining a Key or a Key Adaptation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Step: Registration You must be a registered with the NASTF (National Auto Service Task Force) vehicle security professional registry and a current Registered VW workshop to obtain keys and key adaptations. Please visit the NASTF Registry to complete the registration process. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second Step: Register as an Authorized Independent Workshop with AUDI Independent workshops wishing to obtain Keys and adaptations must first be registered with AUDI. Process: 1. Program registration forms and security ID applications are available for direct download here: Application Form Security ID Form Fill out the forms and fax them to the fax number provided on the forms or e-mail them to 2. The workshop must return the completed forms, along with business license documentation to AUDI Key Help. AUDI Key Help will respond to the workshop with a confirmation of receipt within 2 days upon receipt of the application. Total processing time from initial request to approval or disapproval will take approximately 2-3 Weeks, plus time spent by the requesting workshop during the application cycle. 3. Individual Security System access IDs and passwords will be sent via separate e-mail for security -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Third Step: Obtaining as VAS 5052/5052A diagnostic tool All Audi Special Tools and Workshop Equipment are available for purchase to residents of the US and Canada through Equipment Solutions, a division of Snap-on Tools. Please contact them directly. Toll-free in the US and Canada: (800) 892-9650 From outside the US and