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Tracking: 280 Status: Closed
State: MA Name: Paul
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: 1999 VOLVO V70

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Installation of used/rebuilt ECM
Description of Information not available
Further information on the removal of the VIN code from ECM
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
Read through procedures, opened help request through OEM website and was told that used/rebuilt ECM can't be installed (help request 20384).
Other Comments or Concerns
This issue has cropped up a few times. There seems to be a difference in what is available to the dealer in their VIDA functionality as opposed to what we have as independents. In this case we are trying to install a rebuilt ECM. As usual we are being told that used/rebuilt units cannot be installed. I cannot be sure, but according to the following excerpt from the VIDA system service literature, these units can be swapped between vehicles. The literature states – ---“ Note! Points to observe when working with the ECM/ICM When replacing the engine control module (ECM) the VIN code must be erased before the engine control module (ECM) is removed. This is so that the engine control module (ECM) can be tested in case of guarantee claims. The VIN code is erased through the immobilizer control module (ICM) diagnostic. The car PIN code is required for erasure. When moving/testing the engine control module (ECM) between cars the VIN code must be erased in both car control modules. The erasing can only be carried out in the original car.”---- In my help request, I asked where this function is located in the ICM diagnostic section. I received the short reply that the car will only take a new ECM – no used/rebuilt. How is this accurate when VIDA itself specifies that the modules can be moved between cars? While the help staff are always great in addressing any issue we have with software reloads and many other VIDA issues, I feel that information may be being withheld with regards to the availability of software that would erase a modules programming and restore it to a new “unprogrammed” state. We have technicians here who worked for Volvo dealers. They personally have had situations at the dealer where a CEM (central electronic module – another of the “only programmable once” modules) was diagnosed as being bad, was replaced & loaded with software then found to not be the problem. When this happened, the regional service rep was contacted and was able to provide a software download number that would remove the newly installed CEM, allowing it to be placed back in inventory. Given this fact and the excerpt from VIDA, it really seems that it is possible to harvest good used modules from donor/salvage vehicles and have them on the shelf for use when a troubleshooting sequence reaches the all too familiar final step of “Replace with known good part and test function”. I guess I am just wondering why these applications aren’t available to independents with the VIDA system? Thank you for your time.
Mary Hutchinson - 12/14/2009
Volvo personnel have submitted the question back to Volvo in Sweden for clarification and will follow up as soon as they have a reply.
Mary Hutchinson - 1/5/2010
Dear Mr. Brezina, Thank you for following the proper processes and allowing us to assist you. This is in regards to your recent inquiry concerning the installation of a rebuilt ECM into a 1999 V70 (_________________). We are discussing the information found in VIDA that states it should be possible to erase the VIN from the control module, and that it should be possible to do this when moving / testing the ECM between cars etc. We forward this help request to VCCS in Sweden for reply. We have confirmed that is not possible on these types of vehicles, and that VIDA incorrectly has this information listed. It will be removed and corrected in an upcoming version, not yet determined. The software package mentioned in your information request that was provided to a retailer by a Volvo rep is not one that is published or certified for open retailer use. This software could cause additional problems with the vehicle. It is not found in any version of VIDA and is only used for test purposes by our Engineers. The intention of the software is not to allow anyone to put parts back into inventory. Once parts have software installed, they are considered used and not reusable. There are no plans to make this software available for sale to either the retailer or the Independents. As we have communicated in the past, Volvo does not withhold vehicle software packages or make different information available between our Volvo retailers and the Independent repair facilities. The VIDA application that is sent to the retailers is the same as we send to the Independents. Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. Sincerely, Service Operations Specialist Volvo Cars of North America, LLC