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Tracking: 27 Status: Closed
State: IN Name: Michele
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: CHRYSLER

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Using the Tech Authority website, we sent an e-mail for a help request regarding the flash programming of PCMs using a J2534 tool. We are having an issue with the downloaded files causing an error code when the process is attempted. We have used two different J2534 tools (one is the Actia which they recommend) that currently work on Ford vehicles. We have ensured the computer(s)that we are using meet the minimun requirement including the correct plug-ins (e.x.Java) from their own website. Both create the same error. We are awaiting a response.
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Steven Douglas - 6/27/2005 1:15:57 PM
Ms. Michele Winn stated that she is having an issue where the downloaded files are causing an error code when the J2534 flash reprogramming process is attempted. DaimlerChrysler has had several conversations with Michele on this issue. As a result of these conversations we were able to identify a few glitches in our application software that have been corrected. We have also identified an issue with one of are powertrain control modules (PCMs), where we have to modify our application software to be compatible with these PCMs. We are developing, validating and implementing modifications to our application software which should correct this problem. This is being done at the same time that we are revising our application software to comply with the September 2004 version of SAE J2534 which is required by the California service information regulation. We plan to have our revised application software implemented by July 2005.