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State: MA Name: Paul
Category of Request: Other or Non-Vehicle Specific Manufacturer: VOLVO

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Hello, We recently had a customer in who requested that their daytime running lamps functionality be turned off. They wanted the lights to function in the conventional off/parking/on modes as they were constantly replacing headlight bulbs on their previous Volvo. After realizing this functionality modification now required a software download and installation I attempted to purchase the software through the normal process. Unfortunately, the purchase/download failed due to an access level restriction which our account is apparently subject to. After submitting a help request (incident #18576) through the website, the following response was received: “Sorry, this is only available at the dealer. We do not allow software that will change the original configuration of the vehicle. This includes adding and removing.” It had been my understanding that the VIDA AIOC subscription we have is the exact same system the dealer has except for the method in which the software is actually purchased. Given this situation, I am wondering what other current or possible future limitations may be imposed. My specific question is – why is this software not available to an independent? From a function standpoint in the vehicle, we have historically been able to modify this function. On older models through the headlight switch itself, on newer models through local programming (via VIDA) of the CEM functions. The problem here, I’m assuming seems to be with allowing the configuration change on the vehicle’s master file which resides on Volvo’s servers. To the best of my knowledge, there is no physical barrier (i.e. programming/server access) to configuration change on a vehicle. We have performed downloads in the past where we have received a message stating that there was a mismatch found during the comparison of the initial vehicle readout and the configuration on file at Volvo. In this case you simply order an updated package which I assume updates the server file to reflect the current vehicle configuration. This leaves me to think that this current situation is strictly an administrative issue and if so, an explanation as to why would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, are there any other functions or restrictions that are “dealer only” that I may not be aware of? If there are, are there any other subscriptions available for purchase that would provide access?
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Mary Hutchinson - 6/16/09
Volvo personnel respond: Thank you for following the proper processes and allowing us to assist you. Regarding your information request and concern you are correct, in that Volvo makes available the same systems for vehicle repair to both the Volvo retailers and the Independents. In regards to the availability of software to turn off the day time running lights, there appears to have been an administrative error on our part. As you stated, on older S/V70 vehicle 1998-2000 we had the ability to turn this function off at the headlight switch. From approximately the 1999-2006 S80, V70, S60 and XC90 models, this function was turned off from within the CEM, using VIDA. However, for 2004.5- S40/V50/C30/C70 and current model V70, S80 and XC60 this can only be performed by purchasing and downloading software. This also applies to the Volvo retailer. We will therefore open this type of software download to all VIDA users. As for your question regarding functions or restrictions, our policy as stated on the website is: Software necessary to complete repairs can be downloaded via Some downloads (e.g. Total Reloads) are only provided in conjunction with Support Staff (via a help request) to ensure downloads are conducted in a safe and proper manner. Any software downloads that pertain to new accessory installation or changing vehicle configuration is only available via franchised Volvo retailers. In all cases, you should be following Volvo service information when conducting software downloads. If you feel that you are directed to perform a download that you can not find on the list of available downloads, please let us know, so the matter can be clarified or corrected. Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. Sincerely, Service Operations Specialist Volvo Cars of North America, LLC