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State: MO Name: Carl
Category of Request: Other or Non-Vehicle Specific Manufacturer: FORD

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Dear Motorcraft, I'm trying to purchase an updated version for my PDS/IDS subscription. The serial number for my VCM is 4804 D 12960. I'm being told that to update it, this will cost me $1000. After that, it will only give me six months until it expires again. Why is this happening? A yearly subscription is $500. Why am I being charged extra to update what I have now and on top of it, why do I only get 6 months for $1000? Thank you for listening, Carl Grotti
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Mary Hutchinson - 2/4/2009 7:26:48 AM
Dear Mr.Grotti, Thank you for your inquiry. The diagnostic software to support the Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) and Portable Diagnostic System (PDS) is very complex and requires substantial development work and validation. As a user purchases software renewals for their units they have access to all of the development work and enhancements that has been created since the inception of the tool. Units are given an expiration date of 2 years after their original purchase of the hardware. At the time of expiration a user should renew their software at the established retail price - $500 per year per unit. If a unit has not been renewed at the original time the subscription expired, the user is responsible to pay for the previously released software as they now have access to it. The software renewal is triggered through your expiration date and when you go to renew it will give you access up until that point - in your case 6 months. Additionally we have capped the max renewal at $1000. For example: User purchases IDS on 1/2/2005 IDS software expires on 1/2/2007 User purchases renewal on 5/2/2008 at $1000 for access to both 2007 and 2008 development work and validation. User's new expiration is 1/2/2009.