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Tracking: 2 Status: Closed
State: FL Name: Steve
Category of Request: Other or Non-Vehicle Specific Manufacturer: MERCEDES-BENZ

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Description of Repair unable to perform
The problem has to do with my Star Diagnosis BASIC diagnostic tool. I originally purchased the tool in June giving MB my $9800 for an anticipated August delivery. The tool arived in late August and it came without the software security key. It was promised to only take a day after faxing the requested form to Germany. The procedure took place almost as promised except that we had to call the help number in Germany 2 or 3 times and refax to a different number to finish the process. The number we originally faxed to was the number written on the form generated by the tool. Over the next two months it was a continual battle to get thetool to work requiring numerous calls to the German help site. The tool seemed to being in perenial sleep mode. It required numerous resets to come to life. Finally it was decided by the help site to send us a replacement and it came as promised in a little over a week. That was at least ten days ago. Since that time we have faxed 4 times the document required for accessing the software security key to different numbers as requested.
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We have been getting a total run around about helping us receive the software key and the tool sits useless ten days or more after its delivery. We have been told to fax it to a different number twice in Germany and once here in the US. Three different help site technicians have claimed to sympathize with our plight saying they have no power, infering that they are helpless against powers that don't wish to be helpfull to our client status. All the previous week it has been one excuse or another. They even sent us the software key to our previous machine. I submit the software key situation is an impediment to my access of purchased information. My complaint is that not only am I being restricted from my capabilities to repair emissions and other problems, but that I paid for such a long time ago and have had very little help solving my problems.
Other Comments or Concerns
Bill Haas - 12/3/2004 11:34:51 AM
MBUSA was contacted by the customer on November 12, 2004, to obtain a license key for his Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnosis BASIC diagnostic tool. The procedure for obtaining a license key is to fill out the form provided with the diagnostic tool and to fax it to the Star Diagnosis User Help Desk fax number listed on the form. This procedure is the same procedure as followed by Independent Service Providers (ISPs), dealers and MBUSA, since license keys for Star Diagnosis tools are issued directly from the Star Diagnosis User Help Desk located in Germany. During the contact on November 12, 2004, MBUSA assisted the customer in filling out and faxing the form to the Star Diagnosis User Help Desk. MBUSA was contacted by the customer again on November 15, 2004, since he had still not received his license key. MBUSA contacted the Star Diagnosis User Help Desk by phone on Novemeber 15, 2004 and a license key was faxed to the customer on November 15, 2004. As a follow-up, MBUSA contacted the customer again on November 15, 2004, to verify that the license key was correct and the BASIC dianostic tool was functioning correctly. MBUSA has forwarded the customer satisfaction issue to the Star Diagnosis User Help Desk management for review. MBUSA regrets any inconvenience the customer may have experienced and has extended his currently active 1 year software contract by an 2 additional months at no charge.