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State: WI Name: Greg
Category of Request: Website Navigation/Administration Manufacturer: VOLVO

Have you checked the OEM website?
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Service information for a 2004 Volvo XC90
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This seems to be an extremely difficult site to navigate and understand for the first time. Here is the thread from Volvo help: 06/23/2008 08:34 AM From: satorisauto Message: I don't understand or am having problems accessing service information for the first time. A call from someone would be greatly appreciated at 920-684-7911 and ask for Greg. 06/23/2008 08:56 AM From: Administrator Message: Greg, We do not provide telephone support. What are the problems you are having? What is your User ID? 06/26/2008 03:30 PM From: satorisauto Message: I created a user name of satorisauto and a password. I downloaded Vida software and now have Vida ON Web, Configuration, and Admin on my desk top. I click on the Vida on web and I am suppose to enter my user name and password. What user name and password? The one I created doesn't work and I never received another to my email address. All I want is to get OEM service information. 06/26/2008 03:41 PM From: Administrator Message: After purchasing a VIDA subscription you will be emailed a User ID and password. We have no record of a subscription purchase. 06/27/2008 07:49 AM From: satorisauto Message: I don't see an area on your web site to purchase a web subscription. Please list the tabs to click on and the steps needed to get to the purchase screen. I have done this numerous times with many other OEM web sites and never ran accross this much difficulty. Am I even at the correct web site? This could be made a whole lot easier! 06/27/2008 08:27 AM From: satorisauto Message: Once we understand and can access VIDA does this allow usage of the DICE tool if purchased and can VIDA be purchased on an as needed basis when the DICE tool is used? 06/27/2008 09:06 AM From: Administrator Message: At the top of the page, in the gray bar, go to: Store/subscriptions. There are product descriptions and How to Order sections. You should also go to: VIDA/VIDA Web based training. Service information is only available electronically through VIDA. VIDA does not come in a by model, by function format. To get service information you must purchase the parts information with it. The logic here is if you are working on or servicing the vehicle you will also need the parts information. This is the only way to receive the service information you are requesting. VIDA comes in different access formats. 1 is VIDA All in One, which is loaded on your computer from a DVD; 2 is VIDA on Web, which is accessed through the world wide web. Both require specific computer requirements which you can find on the top of this page under Site Links. VIDA also comes in different durations; 3-day, 30-day and 365-day. The duration of your access will need to be determined by you and for how long you will need to access the information. To purchase VIDA please click on the Subscriptions link, then Order Now button when you have determined what you will order, then the VIDA configuration link found on the bottom of the order page. Once you have a subscription you can set your communication tool for DICE or the VCT2000. 06/28/2008 11:38 AM From: satorisauto Message: This is getting me frustrated! I was able to get to the cart and bought a 3 day subscription. I then received a confirmation after a few minutes. I then received a user name and password sent to me 3 hours later. I logged in with the given password and was given a message it expired and needed to create a new password. I did this and was able to log in but was given another message that this password also expried even though I just created it. I went home yesterday frustrated. I came back today and it accepted my second password and I got in to another log in page only to get this message; Could not contact central systems. Access denied since no valid subscription was found. I purchased the 3 day subsciption just to check out Volvo's site to make future purchasing decisions. I am not happy with
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Mary Hutchinson - 8/18/2008 12:37:00 PM
Mr. Satori; I am sorry to hear your first experience with Volvotechinfo and VIDA has not been a good one. I would like to thank you for following our process of submitting a Help Request through to address your concerns. As mentioned during our phone conversation we routinely review our information on Volvotechinfo to ensure all information is accurate. We will conduct a review of the information available regarding purchasing subscriptions as well as activating those subscriptions to ensure it is accurate and complete. As for the information you have requested regarding subscriptions: If you would like to use VIDA for Diagnostics and Software download you will need to purchase the VIDA All-in-one version (DVD). The subscriptions come in 3-day, 30-day, 365-day options. Subscriptions can be purchased when needed however it normally takes 30 minutes for your subscription to be available in VIDA Administration. Once your subscription is available it can be activated by logging into VIDA Administration and click on the Subscriptions Tab. Click on the subscription you would like to activate. The panel on the right of the page will populate. Under the Properties tab check the Activated box and click save. Under the User tab add your users and click save. Under the Computer tab add your computer and click save. You will now have access. The first time you use VIDA All-in-one you must install from a DVD. Once the DVD is installed you will need to open VIDA to the login screen and click on Registration Guide for Subscription. This will register your computer with VIDA. Any subsequent subscriptions you will only need to follow the above steps. You do not get a new user ID and password each time you order a subscription. Passwords do expire every 90 days. To reset your password prior to it expiring you will need to log in to Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns.