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State: MA Name: Jeffrey
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: GENERAL MOTORS

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I had several questions reguarding the purchase of the TIS2 web. There is no information on there web site reguarding the equipment I will need to connect my Tech2 to my computer, and if there is any thing I will need to be able to reprogram computers, and system requirements.Also if there are step by step instructions to show me how to flash a vehicle.I would like to know more info on what I need to buy (besides the Tech2 which I already have)before I purchase the TIS2 and find out I can't use it right away because I need to get a cable, or I tell a customer to drop off there vehicle for a reflash and I need a different connector. I want to know every connector,cable etc. I will need to connect the Tech2 to the computer, and every connector,cable,adaptor,etc. I will need to flash every GM, Saturn.
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I filled out the contact us section and sent it and kept on getting an error message. It would not send.
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Mary Hutchinson - 4/28/2008 12:51:23 PM
GM Responds: Jeff, It was a pleasure talking you this afternoon. To confirm what we talked about and to provide further information. The only hardware required to connect your Tech 2 with TIS 2 Web is a DB9 connector and a RS232 cable. If you do not have a COM port on your PC you will also need a USB to COM converter also. These maybe purchased at 1-800-GM-TOOLS prompt #1. You may ask for Cindy or Janice as I have confirmed the information with them. DB9 connector Part Number #3000111 There are several COM to Serial Adapter but the recommended one is Part Number #555201 If you are using a laptop you may use a PCMCIA adapter instead of the USB Part Number #Quatech-453-1675 Below is a link to a user guide for TIS 2 Web.