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Tracking: 176 Status: Closed
State: CA Name: Phil
Category of Request: Website Navigation/Administration Manufacturer: HYUNDAI

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
Looking for Mode $06 information, definitions of TIDs and CIDs available through a generic scan tool.
Description of Information not available
Description of steps taken to obtain information (help/contact function on website, websites, etc.)
A gentleman called me, Helmreich I think was the name, and helped me get an account set up, which was the difficulty of my last complaint. That problem is solved, as I tried again and set up a second dummy account without a problem, and got a password mailed to me. But he could not direct me to the Mode $06 information, and I cannot find it, even using the search feature. Is there Mode $06 information available? I can extract TIDs and CIDS with a generic scanner, but cannot interpret anything.
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Mary Hutchinson - 3/21/2008 11:50:16 AM
Phil Thanks for your interest in Mode $06 documentation is part of our OBD-II data, and can be found under the OBD-II section on the Service Information menu. After login, select Service Information from the main Blue menu bar. Then select the OBD-II link on the sub-menu. Check that your model / year selections are "model" and "year" to provide documents for all models and years, or select your vehicle to see documents for a specific engine type. Be sure to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in installed to view the PDF documents. More information is available at the Site Requirements link (from the upper Orange menu). Feel free to contact us again if you have more questions about