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In the Pre and post J2534 files listed in Subarus Special Tool Information section it is listed that "none", "E/G-1", or "E/G-2" connectors are required to do the ECM reprograming. I called Blue Streak Tech Support and no one there had a "knowledgable" answer for me concerning the content of the HDS 3000 kit or if these connectors are in a parts list. I need Subaru TOOLS. And what does it mean that "no connector" is required to do a reprograming? In my past questions to Blue Steak and Service Technical Information Company about contents of reprograming files, no one had a "knowledgable" answer. I need Subaru TOOLS. Seems as though dispite the tool comparisons done, there is some other serious pitfalls in the HDS approach to OEM tool SUBSTITUTION. Subaru claims that Blue Streak is doing the tech support/updates for the HDS while Subaru of America is doing the tech support/updates for dealers. I would hate to think what I would exspect if I needed "knowledgable" tech support after purchasing one of these HDS's. I need Subaru TOOLS, no substitions please. We have SSMI & SSMII with no problems.
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Mary Hutchinson - 8/1/2007 8:40:16 AM
Subaru replied by direct e-mail and telephone follow-up on July 26,2007 as outlined below. In response to your BSE technical support for HDS kit question, we are aware of some cases of inadequate BSE technical support. Hitachi, maker of both the HDS and SSMIII tools, is reviewing this situation and developing corrective actions. Regarding your reprogramming jumper connectors question, an article entitled "Reprogramming Reminder: Jumper Harness Connectors" was posted in our May 2007 TechTips Newsletter, which is reprinted below. It can be accessed by selecting "Reference Publication" from top STIS menu. Under "Publication Type", please select "TechTips Newsletter". Next enter "2007" for calendar year and enter "May" for calendar month. "When ECU/TCU reprogramming is required, it may be necessary to use one of three jumper harness connectors that were originally sent to all dealers back in 2003. Additional Harness Adapter Sets are available through the regular Subaru Parts Ordering System under Part # 24036AA010 (set contains all three jumpers). To determine if a jumper harness is necessary for reprogramming, refer to the bottom half of the SSMIII Flash Write screen which lists the details of the selected reprogramming. The line titled "Necessary Connector" will identify the jumper harness that will be required or will state "None" if no harness is needed. The 3 possible jumper harnesses are designated: E/G 1, E/G 2, or AT. If a jumper harness is required, it needs to be connected to one of two connectors; a semi-clear 6-pin connector for jumpers E/G-2 and AT or a semi clear 3-pin connector for jumper E/G-1. Both connectors are located next to the green D-check connectors. The semi-clear 6-pin or 3-pin connectors are numbered B250 or B300 depending on the model. They can be found in the appropriate wiring system service manual in the harness/connector location section. Regardless of whether a jumper harness is required or not, the green D-check connectors must always be connected during ECM reprogramming although TCM reprogramming requires the green D-check to be disconnected."