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State: NJ Name: John
Category of Request: Other or Non-Vehicle Specific Manufacturer: VOLVO

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I have been waiting for well over a month to have the Volvo VIDA Scan Tool issue resolved by the EPA and NOTHING has been done yet. The issue of a manufacture to force an unfare 3-day subscription to use their scan tool is an outrage. It only sets up a monopoly for the dealers to force the work back to them. NASTF has claimed they can not help me because they can not control manufacture pricing. This has NOTHING to do with pricing but ONLY fair DAILY access to information. You do the math on this one: Customer calls to have a Volvo car diagnosed. You charge them the 3-day Volvo subscription to use the Volvo VIDA scan tool for a cost of $84.00 and let's not forget the FORCED charge to purchase information at another cost of $11.00 (which you don't need to just use the scan tool to simply clear an Air Bag light) and let's not forget the additional $6.50 handling fee (I already have the access software. Why this charge?). Now this brings the grand total to $101.50 just to plug in! Now we add the average $75.00-$100 diagnostic fee a shop would charge and this brings the grand total to about $176.50-$201.50 just to diagnose a Volvo. Guess what a dealer will charge? Only $80.00-$100.00 for a one hour fee to diagnose a car. We the aftermarket are already $100 more than the dealer. We can't even guarantee any work done on a Volvo because once the 3-day subscription runs out and the customer comes back a week later for a recheck they will be charged another $101.50 just to resubscribe the SAME car to recheck it . It is a losing battle with Volvo's web based VIDA SCan tool because of the way they have set up their structural use of the tool. I have yet to have ANY shop pay me for these fees that they claim are unjust so I may have to just turn my Volvo scan tool in. If all manufactures go this way then we will be at a large loss. I am very disappointed that noone can see the light on this one and that NOTHING is being done about it. Sure we can purchase the Volvo factory scan tool for a fair price of $1300 (Interface and cable / PC not included) but the way the tool subscription is set up makes the tool unaffordable to a Volvo car owner who knows the dealer will always be cheaper to go to. John Anello Auto Tech On Wheels
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Mary Hutchinson - 6/28/2007 12:06:50 PM
NASTF is aware that EPA and Volvo are in discussion about this issue, and will notify NASTF of any resolutions once that process has been completed.