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State: NJ Name: John
Category of Request: OEM Special Tools Availability Manufacturer: SUBARU

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I own 18 factory IDENTICAL scanners that the techs use at the dealers to perform the SAME jobs they can, so that I can support 1500 shops here in north NJ that would otherwise have to bring their cars to dealers to have specific jobs done that can not be handled by their aftermarket tool. Now, you tell me how Subaru is allowed to produce an aftermarket scanner for the non-dealer tech and hold claim that it does the same job as the FACTORY scan tool that they WILL NOT sell to me. Why would ANY manufacture go through so much trouble to make a different tool when all they have to do is lock out the immobilizor function of the FACTORY tool for the aftermarket. This is an outright illegal act by a manufacture to lockout the aftermarket service techs. I refuse to purchase an aftermarket scan tool from Subaru. I want the Subaru Select Monitor III scan tool so I can fix a Subaru at a dealer level. No manufactor should be allowed to make 2 US(factory) and THEM (aftermarket)scan tools to service their vehicles. John Anello Auto Tech On Wheels
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Mary Hutchinson - 8/14/2007 12:43:33 PM
On July 19, 2007, Subaru performed for the EPA a side-by-side tool demonstration using their dealer authorized tool SSMIII and the HDS kit that is made available to the aftermarket. The demonstration took place at Subaru’s emissions laboratory in Ann Arbor. Subaru set up two 2007 cars and had the SSMIII hooked up to one and the HDS hooked up to the others. We went step by step through each of the menus for a variety of functions including reading DTCs, reprogramming, readiness, freeze frame data, and immobilizer capabilities among other things. After this demonstration, EPA is confident that the SSMIII and HDS are the exactly the same tool, with one minor difference. The SSMIII is the tool that is made available to Subaru’s worldwide dealer network and Subaru's contracted fleet rental partners (Hertz, Avis, & Budget) in the USA only. The HDS is only made available to the North American (Canada and US) aftermarket. Because the SSMIII is available world wide, the immobilizer functionality has a few more steps that a dealer must go through before they can reinitialize or copy keys. This is due to the fact that there are different security features included in vehicles not sold in the North American market and the SSMIII makes you go through a few extra steps to figure out which security features a particular vehicle has depending on where it is sold. In order to go through these extra steps, you have to have a dealer code which is why they don’t sell the SSMIII to the aftermarket. After the SSMIII goes through those few extra steps, the screens on the SSMIII and HDS are exactly the same. At this point, any technician can input the security key codes and complete the re-initialization or key copying if the technician, dealer or otherwise, has the key cut and security codes that come on a metal tag provided to the owner at vehicle purchase. If the customer doesn’t have those codes, currently, the consumer can obtain those codes by contacting Subaru during regular business hours. This part of the transaction will be changing in the near future as more manufacturers (including Subaru) are testing out the security information database currently being developed in conjunction with NASTF’s Vehicle Security Committee. Other than this one minor difference described above, everything about the two tools is exactly the same. They are both PC based and use a box that is connected to the vehicle. The boxes are exactly the same except one says SSMIII and the other one says HDS. When the software is loaded on to the PC, the look and feel of all the screens, the menus, the colors, the functionality are all exactly the same. EPA believes that an accurate description of the HDS is that it is the SSMIII for the North American Market. In fact, a Subaru dealer in the North American market could buy the HDS and never miss a beat. EPA has encouraged Subaru to consider conducting a demonstration for aftermarket service providers so they can see for themselves that the HDS is the same as the SSMIII. Subaru has informed EPA that their company in Japan is currently discussing this request with Hitachi, maker of both HDS and SSMIII tools. We will keep NASTF posted.