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State: NJ Name: John
Category of Request: OEM Special Tools Availability Manufacturer: SUBARU

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Factory Scan Tool : Subaru Select Monitor III
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SPX will NOT sell me the factory level tool that the dealer is using. They claim they will only sell this tool to a Subaru dealer. They want me to deal with Blue Streak Electronics to purchase a WATERED DOWN version scan tool called the Hitachi Diagnostic System. This is a scan tool that will NOT do every thing the factory scan tool can due. How am I to successfully repair a Subaru at a dealer level with a generic aftermarket scan tool. This is another way that manufactures are creating a monopoly. The real tool is in their hands and the aftermarket stripped down version goes to the non-Subaru tech. This should not be allowed to happen.I demand to be allowed to purchase the SUBARU FACTORY SCAN TOOL. John Anello Auto Tech On Wheels
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Mary Hutchinson - 6/19/2007 12:38:26 PM
Since you are not a Subaru Dealer we do not allow the the dealer specfic SSMIII Standalone Kit to be sold to an independent repair facility. However, we do offer the Blue Streak Version of the SSMIII Tool without the key immobilizer function, set-up for an aftermarket repair shop account. The diagnostic functions are essentially the same as the SSMIII Standalone System sold through SPX Kent-Moore. I can assure you this is not a watered down version of the SSMIII, it is just as dynamic as the SSMIII Standalone Tool. Please contact Blue Streak Engineering for specfic questions regarding the HDS or Hitachi Diagnostic System sold by BSE. BSE's website is, e-mail Please let me know if I can be of more assistance.
Mary Hutchinson - 6/21/2007 1:54:33 PM
I now own and operate about 18 factory scan tools and I don't know of ANY manufacture that would go out of their way to produce a generic scan tool version of their factory tool. I have every right to purchase the same tool the dealer is using so I am not satisfied with your company's decision to limit the SMIII Standalone kit to dealers only. John Anello, President Auto Tech On Wheels
Mary Hutchinson - 6/22/2007 8:14:13 AM
Dear Mr. Anello, This email responds your information request. As indicated under "Special Tools Information" of the Subaru Technical Information System, it states: 1A) Who can purchase the SSMIII Standalone Kit? Only an active Subaru Dealer or Employee of an active Subaru Dealer found on the active Dealer list supplied by Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA). Exceptions are internal use at SOA, or limited repair dealers, Hertz and Avis/Budget Car Rental Car Fleet Accounts. You must have an active dealer code. However, Subaru does offer a generic version of the SSMIII diagnostic tool and software, which is called HDS-(Hitachi Diagnostic System) for aftermarket application. It is the same robust tool as SSMIII except it is without the immobilizer function. (Subaru is currently developing a subscriber system for aftermarket access to immobilizer information.) The HDS tool and software kit is available through Blue Streak Electronics (BSE). To order the HDS kit, contact BSE at the website link or telephone number below. Blue Streak Electronics 45 Basaltic Rd Concord ON L4K 1G5 Tel: (905)669-4812 Fax: (905)669-5179 Website: Email: Thank you for your inquiry,