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State: TX Name: Bruce
Category of Request: Other or Non-Vehicle Specific Manufacturer: VOLVO

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Volvo information is getting extremely in fact prohibitably expensive. Their price went from $6300/year (which is ridiculous!) to $8100/year (even more so) for access to repair information for even the older vehicles -2000. This makes it increasingly difficult to repair these vehicles and forces customers to go to the dealer.
Other Comments or Concerns
Bill Haas - 2/15/2005 1:54:05 PM
You were concerned because you believe that Volvo has raised the prices for obtaining service information through While Volvo reserves the right to adjust prices, the changes that you have noticed do not represent an increase in price. Rather, these changes are only a consolidation of the subscriptions Volvo has been offering. For example, to get the same information contained in the new iVADIS-COMPLETE subscription (for 72 hours) previously required the purchase of several subscriptions – iVADIS Complete (original) $31.50; Service bulletins $6.00, Tech-Net Notes $7.00 and (on-line) Wiring diagrams $5.00. These subscriptions total $49.50, which is the price of the new iVADIS-COMPLETE subscription. If all you need is service information, this is provided in the new iVADIS-COMPLETE subscription. If you need to vehicle diagnostics and software downloads functionality, then you will need a subscription to VADIS Complete. Like the new iVADIS-COMPLETE subscription, the VADIS-COMPLETE subscription includes access to Service Bulletins, Tech-Net Notes and (on-line) Wiring Diagrams, which previously required separate purchases. In addition, VADIS-COMPLETE also includes a subscription to WSDA. Therefore, the price differences for the new iVADIS-COMPLETE and VADIS-COMPLETE subscriptions reflect the additional information and access they provide. If you own, operate or work in a relatively small shop you should also be aware of two additional options. First, the VADIS Complete subscription is now available in six month or 1 year intervals. Secondly, until VIDA is launched you may still purchase WSDA in combination with iVADIS Complete to gain access to service information and software downloads. Both iVADIS and WSDA are available in 3 day, 1 month and 1 year intervals. These changes are in preparation for the transition to Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales (VIDA). VIDA will replace iVADIS, VADIS and WSDA. For more information about the changes to subscriptions, go to and click the link: Click Here for information on subscriptions. You also asked about Volvo charging subscription fees instead of one-time charges. In short, subscription based access is more appropriate for the service provided to you by Volvo. For example, when you purchase a VADIS-Complete subscription you are not purchasing a static product. Rather, you will receive all updates during the duration of your subscription. This includes updated VADIS DVDs as well as access to updated Service Bulletins, Tech Net Notes and (on-line) Wiring Diagrams. Through the Web Software Download Application (WSDA), which is included in the VADIS-Complete subscription, you may purchase and download the latest software available each vehicle you are repairing. Finally, Volvo's subscription based approach includes automatic upgrades to the latest application(s). This means that subscribers with active subscriptions to current solutions (iVADIS, VADIS & WSDA) will be automatically upgraded to comparable VIDA subscriptions for the remainder of their subscriptions. Thank-you for the opportunity to address your concerns. Service Operations, Volvo Cars of North America, LLC
Bill Haas - 2/18/2005 12:10:48 PM
Follow up to response from Volvo on 02-15-05 Thanks for taking the time to address my concerns. I don't quite understand your logic. For example, In December I was working on a 2000 S80. I needed to reload the CCM. So I needed to buy a $10.00 subscription to the 2000 S80 model, $30.00 subscription to access WSDA, and of course the software DL itself. To Compare, In Feb I needed to replace an ETM on a 2000 V70 AWD, so expecting the same service, I went to the website and was forced to purchase an entire 3 day subscription of iVadis for $49.50 and ALSO buy the access to WSDA for $30.00 and then buy the software download. I fee