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NASTF Volvo complaint Regarding the fee structure for access to the Volvo websites scan tool and service information charges. I believe this charge structure will serve to severely inhibit its use. Being forced to pay for usage of the scan tool for 3 days at a minimum seems like nothing more than a needless price gouge. Why 3 days and not per diem? I can’t help but believe the service would get more patronage and as a result more revenue if the charge structure we changes to reflect actual use in the service environment. Surely Volvo is not intending to make post warranty repairs less accessible to its customer base? In todays highly competitive vehicle sales market I do not believe Volvo can afford to have vehicle owners told by their long standing and trusted independent service providers that it no longer makes sense to own a Volvo due to the added expense and difficulty of repairs? Like it or not many people DO consult their service providers before making vehicle purchases. I am not suggesting that Volvo will suffer significant losses in vehicles sales due to this lack of serviceability dynamic. But in today’s sales environment does it make sense to suffer even a small loose of sales and confidence in the brand? Especially when considering the prevention of this situation requires a simple restructure of the scan tool and service information fee scheme? Volkswagen of America restructured it’s service information fee structure from a “per page viewed” to a 24 hour entire manual access for the specific model being worked on that day. As a result the service usage went up. Before the change I never would use the service. I now use the service. As a result there are many more satisfied VW owners instead of annoyed owners that were forced to use the service provider of their choice. In today’s too busy and not time to spare work world does Volvo really want to inconvenience their customer base further? Please reconsider you fee structure for the scan tool and service information. I think we would all, Volvo, their customer base and the independent service sector, be better served by this consideration. Thank you Jim Garrido Have Scanner Will travel Winston Salem NC
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Mary Hutchinson - 2/27/2007 11:33:53 AM
Complexity in automotive technology as well as the need for a more advanced service application, for diagnosing and working with a more sophisticated and technologically advanced automobile, necessitated the development of VIDA. Because of the advancements in today's Volvo automobile a very robust and complete service application was required. VIDA provides a complete tool for not only diagnosing Volvo's but for repair information, parts information and the ability to load software into today's many onboard computers. In an attempt to provide a flexible application Volvo offers an array of VIDA subscription configurations as well as access duration periods. These access duration periods are required and are described as (1) Short-Term access (24-72 hours), (2) Mid-Term access (30 days) and (3) Long-Term (365 days). To comply with the regulation requirements Volvo has provided a three-tiered access for our service information. In addition to the three-tiered access Volvo provides a flexible application configuration to meet our users' needs. The VIDA application is offered in the following configurations; Parts Information Parts and Service Information Parts, Service and Diagnostics Parts, Service, Diagnostics and Software Download capability The application is configured this way because Volvo believes this provides the user with all the information needed to properly repair the vehicle. It is Volvo's contention that if you would like to put software into a vehicle to repair it you will need to properly diagnose the vehicle first (Diagnostics) however to diagnose the vehicle you will need to know the repair procedures (Service Information). If you are going to repair the vehicle you must know the proper parts to order (Parts Information). To add further flexibility to the VIDA application and to help minimize the cost to our users, Volvo's VIDA provides the ability to upgrade your subscription. When a subscription is upgraded the cost to the user for the upgrade is prorated for that balance of the original subscription. To provide an example; if a user purchases a VIDA All-in-one Parts and Service 3-day subscription and on the second day requires the use of the VIDA diagnostic tools an upgrade can be purchased adding Diagnostics to the subscription and the user will only be charged the prorated cost of the upgrade for the remaining 2 days of the subscription. The same can be done when adding the Software Download capability. In addition to the different application configurations Volvo includes access to Tech Net Notes, Service Bulletins and Wiring Diagrams for the duration of your subscription. Once again Volvo believes that you need to have access to the proper information to be able to diagnose and repair a vehicle. All of the above provide for a comprehensive subscription configuration matrix allowing those in need of Volvo specific repair information the flexibility to tailor a subscription to their needs. Volvo offers a support system through designed to provide application support as well as answer questions from our users and/or potential users. In the future I would welcome the opportunity answer your questions through this means. To access our support system log on to and scroll down the left side of the page to SITE LINKS. Under SITE LINKS you will find our Support link. By selecting this support link you will have access to Frequently Asked Questions sorted by Support Sections as well as the ability to submit a Help Request. Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. Sincerely, Service Operations Specialist Volvo Cars of North America, LLC