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State: NJ Name: Nick
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This is a two part information request. I would like to know why Volvo does not make a short term (single day or single vehicle) subscription available to independents at a reasonable cost. I have been looking into purchasing the Volvo factory tool (VCT 2000 and VIDA All-in one), however because of the cost I cannot compete with local dealerships and their "Mobile Tech" programs. Several local dealerships are sending out technicians to local independents to diagnose volvo vehicles (for $100.00) or to load software into new modules (for $65.00). I understand that may be the individual choice of the dealerships, however with a MINIMUM subcription of $104.50 (including the software download application) I cannot be cost competitive with the local dealerships. Why is a short term, reasonably priced ($20-$30) subscription not available? EVERY other manufacturer has managed to provide diagnostic information and in some cases (BMW) a diagnostic tool available through their website for no more than $30.00 for a short term subscription. If I purchase the VCT2000 interface, why can I not have the choice to purchase a reasonably priced single day access to the software required to diagnose a vehicle. How cost effective would it be for me to pay $104.50 for a subscription that will allow me to diagnose a defective control module on a Volvo vehicle, then wait 4-5 days for the replacement module to arrive at the local dealership, then pay another $104.50 PLUS the cost of the software required to download to new module, when the local Volvo dealerships will send a technician out for $65.00 to do the same? That would be $209.00 without ANY charge for my services. THERE NEEDS TO BE A LOWER PRICED DIAGNOSTIC BASED SUBSCRIPTION AVAILABLE! I would also like more information regarding Volvo's use of J2534 compliant devices. I read on the volvotechinfo website "VIDA diagnostics communicates directly with the vehicle via a Volvo Communication Tool (VCT2000) or other SAE J2534-compliant serial communication tool." What J2534 devices are compliant? Does that mean that an approved J2534 serial device takes the place of the VCT2000 and allows all functions of diagnostics and software loading? Is there specific information available to set up and use an approved J2534 device with the VIDA software? Perhaps this information is available from the website, but I was not able to locate it.
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Mary Hutchinson - 2/21/2007 1:08:11 PM
Complexity in automotive technology as well as the need for a more advanced service application, for diagnosing and working with a more sophisticated and technologically advanced automobile, necessitated the development of VIDA. Because of the advancements in today's Volvo automobile a very robust and complete service application was required. VIDA provides a complete tool for not only diagnosing Volvo's but for repair information, parts information and the ability to load software into today's many onboard computers. In an attempt to provide a flexible application Volvo offers an array of VIDA subscription configurations as well as access duration periods. These access duration periods are required and are described as (1) Short-Term access (24-72 hours), (2) Mid-Term access (30 days) and (3) Long-Term (365 days). To comply with the regulation requirements Volvo has provided a three-tiered access for our service information. In addition to the three-tiered access Volvo provides a flexible application configuration to meet our users' needs. The VIDA application is offered in the following configurations: Parts Information Parts and Service Information Parts, Service and Diagnostics Parts, Service, Diagnostics and Software Download capability The application is configured this way because Volvo believes this provides the user with all the information needed to properly repair the vehicle. It is Volvo's contention that if you would like to put software into a vehicle to repair it you will need to properly diagnose the vehicle first (Diagnostics) however to diagnose the vehicle you will need to know the repair procedures (Service Information). If you are going to repair the vehicle you must know the proper parts to order (Parts Information). To add further flexibility to the VIDA application and to help minimize the cost to our users, Volvo's VIDA provides the ability to upgrade your subscription. When a subscription is upgraded the cost to the user for the upgrade is prorated for that balance of the original subscription. To provide an example; if a user purchases a VIDA All-in-one Parts and Service 3-day subscription and on the second day requires the use of the VIDA diagnostic tools an upgrade can be purchased adding Diagnostics to the subscription and the user will only be charged the prorated cost of the upgrade for the remaining 2 days of the subscription. The same can be done when adding the Software Download capability. In addition to the different application configurations Volvo includes access to Tech Net Notes, Service Bulletins and Wiring Diagrams for the duration of your subscription. Once again Volvo believes that you need to have access to the proper information to be able to diagnose and repair a vehicle. All of the above provide for a comprehensive subscription configuration matrix allowing those in need of Volvo specific repair information the flexibility to tailor a subscription to their needs. When it comes to J2534 compliant devices Volvo offers the VCT2000. The VCT2000 has been developed by Volvo for the use with VIDA and is offered for sale through SPX Corporation. In addition Volvo supplies information, required under J2534 Standard, to ETI (Equipment and Tool Institute) to be shared with manufacturers of J2534 devices. Volvo is not in the practice of testing J2534 devices manufactured by aftermarket tool companies however Volvo has validated the functionality of VIDA with J2534 devices. Volvo has conducted these compliance tests with Actia Passthru+ XS and CarDAQ2534. When it comes to the functionality of an aftermarket J2534 device, that can only be answered by the manufacturer of that device. Volvo offers a support system through designed to provide application support as well as answer questions from our users and/or potential users. In the future I would welcome the opportunity answer your questions th