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State: NJ Name: John
Category of Request: Other or Non-Vehicle Specific Manufacturer: VOLVO

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I provide dealer level support to nearly 1500 shops in northern NJ for automotive diagnostics. The 300 body shops alone have driven my business to purchase every factory scan tool on the market because of the new car support they need to diagnose 2007 vehicles that are already in their shops. I recently purchased the Volvo VIDA factory scan tool so that I can keep my business on cutting edge. I am VERY disappointed with the way Volvo has managed to place this tool into the aftermarket industry. This is the ONLY scan tool that requires a user to log onto their website in order for it to function. Without it logging on you simply own a PC with a black box and that is it. This tool is considered the first Server Scan tool of its kind. Every other manufacture tool I have works standalone and serves its purpose. Volvo forces you to pay for a 3-day subscription for $101.50 in order for the tool to work as a scan tool. Yes, they also provide access to other information on their website but my only concern is to use my tool. This creates a major problem for my business and the industry as we know it. I have already lost 4 Volvo jobs to the dealer and have yet to have a shop pay me for the use of the tool because Volvo has priced me far out of the market through a monopoly scheme. Here is why: A car comes in and you hook the car to the Volvo server for $101.50 just to pull codes on a vehicle or even data. Any shop including myself has to add diagnostic time for at least 1-Hour which will add to an extra cost of $75 on an average here in NJ. That brings the total to $176.50. This is too far out-priced for an aftermarket customer to pay. Now let’s say a customer comes back in 2 weeks with a repeat problem. You are forced to charge the customer again for another $101.50 by explaining to them that it is not your fault, but this is what Volvo has done with their scan tool. I can no longer provide any warrantee period with any garage needing Volvo assistance knowing that I will not be liable to pay the additional hook-up fee. This is turning all my Volvo work back to a Volvo dealer who may only charge $85-$110 to scan a vehicle. One Volvo dealer here in NJ charges $110 just to reset an Air Bag light when this is what it nearly costs me to just hook into the Volvo server for a 3-day subscription. I have one garage that actually owns the same tool and he very disturbed by this server scanner. His resolve for now it to set up a Volvo day and have all his Volvo customers come in on the same day. This is no resolve to a problem that may only get worse as more manufactures decide to move in this direction. I would like to know how this has happened with anyone not noticing? Why am I forced to pay for a 3-day subscription to use a scan tool rather than a 1-day subscription which would be more reasonable? This is not about information access but about using a diagnostic tool to simply check a customer’s car. If this is the way the industry is going then ALL shops will be out of business to diagnosing vehicles at a reasonable cost. Volvo may be complying with the right to repair and I applaud their website for their format and information but this scan tool issue needs to be addressed. I am now the owner of a scan tool that no one wants to pay the service for. Every garage I have approached is unaware of this server scan tool and I just wanted to bring this to your attention hoping that you can alert Volvo that this is only creating a monopoly on their part. Please address this matter ASAP
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Mary Hutchinson - 2/21/2007 12:56:25 PM
In an attempt to provide a flexible application Volvo offers an array of VIDA subscription configurations as well as access duration periods. These access duration periods are and are described as (1) Short-Term access (24-72 hours), (2) Mid-Term access (30 days) and (3) Long-Term (365 days). To comply with the regulation requirements Volvo has provided a three-tiered access for our service information. In addition to the three-tiered access Volvo provides a flexible application configuration to meet our users' needs. The VIDA application is offered in the following configurations: Parts Information Parts and Service Information Parts, Service and Diagnostics Parts, Service, Diagnostics and Software Download capability The application is configured this way because Volvo believes this provides the user with all the information needed to properly repair the vehicle. It is Volvo's contention that if you would like to put software into a vehicle to repair it you will need to properly diagnose the vehicle first (Diagnostics) however to diagnose the vehicle you will need to know the repair procedures (Service Information). If you are going to repair the vehicle you must know the proper parts to order (Parts Information). To add further flexibility to the VIDA application and to help minimize the cost to our users, Volvo's VIDA provides the ability to upgrade your subscription. When a subscription is upgraded the cost to the user for the upgrade is prorated for that balance of the original subscription. To provide an example; if a user purchases a VIDA All-in-one Parts and Service 3-day subscription and on the second day requires the use of the VIDA diagnostic tools an upgrade can be purchased adding Diagnostics to the subscription and the user will only be charged the prorated cost of the upgrade for the remaining 2 days of the subscription. The same can be done when adding the Software Download capability. In addition to the different application configurations Volvo includes access to Tech Net Notes, Service Bulletins and Wiring Diagrams for the duration of your subscription. Once again Volvo believes that you need to have access to the proper information to be able to diagnose and repair a vehicle. All of the above provide for a comprehensive subscription configuration matrix allowing those in need of Volvo specific repair information the flexibility to tailor a subscription to their needs. The subscription you are purchasing is for a VIDA All-in-one Parts + Service + Diagnostics + Software Download capability. If you are performing diagnostics you can purchase a VIDA All-in-one subscription Parts + Service + Diagnostics for $83.00. If a software download is required you can purchase the upgrade and pay the prorated amount of the upgrade. It is not required for the user to log onto the Volvo website to use VIDA or to perform Diagnostics. You are required to go to Volvo's website to purchase a subscription. It is also required that you have access to the internet to activate your subscription however once you have activated your subscription you can use VIDA without a connection to the internet. An internet connection will be required to purchase and download software to a vehicle. Volvo offers a support system through designed to provide application support as well as answer questions from our users and/or potential users. In the future I would welcome the opportunity answer your questions through this means. To access our support system log on to and scroll down the left side of the page to SITE LINKS. Under SITE LINKS you will find our Support link. By selecting this support link you will have access to Frequently Asked Questions sorted by Support Sections as well as the ability to submit a Help Request. Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. Sincerely, Service Operations Special