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Tracking: 110 Status: Closed
State: FL Name: Guy
Category of Request: Website Navigation/Administration Manufacturer: GENERAL MOTORS

Have you checked the OEM website?
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flash availibility list for gm
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nobody could give tech support, nor knew anything about j-2534 either. they all sent me to other extensions, but tried to just send me to eachother. i was angry but patient, after 50 mins on the phone and two people tring to figure out anything of what i needed, i gave up. this wasted over 1 hour of my valuable time and acomplished nothing. the website is not helpful, nothing about j-2534 comes up, couldn't view a vehicle list. just got sent in circles and even when i logged in, nothing comes up to help. i guess they want me to pay for something i can not see, but the website and the phone number should be an easy task, not a nightmare. this costed me a job and over an hour worth of time. i am upset and demand something done about this. i should be able to go to gm's website and see a flash link, not have to push every link to try and go seek. i also should be able to call gm and they actually know how to give tech support. i feel gm owes me also for my inconvinence and the loss of a customer due to their neglegence of the j-2534 rules. Guy Skiver
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Mary Hutchinson - 2/16/2007 8:30:16 AM
OEM representative spoke with Mr. Skiver by phone about this issue. He was looking for the vehicle calibration look up system . Over the phone OEM representative was able to direct him to the application. The following directions will take any web user to this information. Go to which will take you to Click on the GM tech info link and a table with different types of information and different GM brands will come up. By selecting the GM logo under reprogramming row in the table a page with three more links will be displayed. Reprogramming equipment Reprogramming calibration information Service reprogramming software and recalibration data If you select the reprogramming calibration information link you will come to a site to enter a VIN or Calibration number.Upon entering either the site will bring up the calibration details for that vehicle or calibration number.