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Tracking: 101 Status: Closed
State: NY Name: Jack
Category of Request: Security Information Manufacturer: VOLKSWAGEN

Have you checked the OEM website?
Description of Repair unable to perform
I've recently bought VW OEM diagnostic tool VAS 5052. Tool is registered in Germany and I do have "dealership number" When I try to purchase ignition key from VW dealer they refused to sell it. They say only customer can buy ignition key. I don't have any problem with buying or programming ignition keys for other manufacturers (such as GM, Ford, Dimler-Chrysler,Saab Toyota) When I call to order other parts they deliver to me why they can't do the same with ignition keys?
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Other Comments or Concerns
Mary Hutchinson - 10/19/2006 12:52:29 PM
Regarding the service information feedback request dated October 18, 2006: Concern: Inability to purchase an ignition key from the local dealership. VW contacted the technician by telephone immediately to verify the concern. VW then contacted the VW District Manager in whose territory the dealer is located. The dealership parts department was contacted by the District Manager to resolve the issue. The dealership personnel stated that they were willing to sell ignition keys but felt compelled to ask for "proof of ownership" of the car, which was not provided at the time. Dealer personnel said they were going to make a follow up call to the technician. A follow up call was placed by VW to the technician the next morning. Concern Resolved Thank you