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Tracking: 100 Status: Closed
State: VA Name: William
Category of Request: Reprogramming Manufacturer: GENERAL MOTORS

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Description of Repair unable to perform
We cannot program the PCM through the J-2534 interface on CAN equipped GM vehicles. EASE (the maker of our J-2534 programmer) says that GM has not fixed their TIS 2000 software. We used to be able to program CAN vehicles, but after an update to the TIS 2000 program, we can not. This needs to be fixed, as we have a tool we cannot use on many 2004, and all 2005 and newer vehicles.
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Mary Hutchinson - 11/9/2006 9:07:08 AM
GM Update: We are currently working through the issue with the individual via phone calls. At this point the issue has not been resolved.
Mary Hutchinson - 12/4/2006 1:33:24 PM
The customer was communicated via phone calls from GM Engineering and this is the formal response from Engineering: We have every indication that programming for GM ECU's that are supported under the J2534-1 specification function properly when using TIS SPS. Currently there are some known issues with ECU's supported under the J2534-2 specification. This specification is not yet supported in our software delivery to the aftermarket. The issues are specific to communication related to Single Wire CAN and Dual Wire CAN subnets on the same vehicle. GMSPO engineering is actively pursuing solutions to these issues; however, timing cannot be provided at this time. The expectation is that both J2534-1 and -2 will be supported for the aftermarket with the transition from TIS DVD to TIS 2 Web.